one thing i can say

my life could not be described as boring.


probably it is too not boring and needs to become more boring again.  i don’t do well with a lot of stimulus.

keep it chill, keep it simple.  that needs to be my motto.

focus on self care BIG TIME!

i have been spending too much time, energy etc on someone else, to my own detriment, unfortch.


women who give too much?  i’m the poster child.

they say narcissists are drawn to empaths and vice versa.

i KNOW that i am too giving.  don’t even question it!

welp, time to get back to working on these things.  this has been a stressful year.


my happiness has got to be my absolute main priority until i can get things a bit more sorted out.  ME ME ME!

hey, so last night i watched a movie which sucked.  it was Incantation

i will be watching Ready Player One this eve.

ta ta


did you get the message?


living in a world where i look forward to friday and also know how super short the weekends are but i really need to keep raking in the dough to achieve my goals.

my job itself is easy as long as i choose for it to be.  by now, i’ve figured out how to do that.  usually it is a decent use of my time which frequently i would probably only waste, anyhow.

i have an idea for an upcoming art project, i just need to implement it.  i’ve been so caught up in other people’s junk that a lot of my own stuff has been left unattended to…..

used up so much of my time.  i need a lot of time.  my friend thinks i am too obsessive about time…. which i am.  always have been that way.  i remember being a kid and always asking my mom what time it was.  she would jokingly ask, “You have somewhere you need to be?” No, I just need to know! haha

I like to measure how long it takes to do things.


These days are a little annoying because it is cold when you leave the house and hot as blazes when you get off work.  I don’t spend a lot of time planning out my outfits because I am distracted and neglectful.


i was so excited to see this slug and capture a photo of it and later that evening i saw that he had somehow been squashed into great green globs of greasy grimy smithereens.  aw.

not sure how that happened.  i probably stepped on it.

do you remember putting salt on slugs and snails ever in your life?  i used to think it was so fun when i was a kid.

i would not think it is so fun now.  but snails can be annoying.


today, all i had for lunch was zucchini.

i was going to eat a can of sardines i had brought with me but i got too shy about opening up a can of sardines in the teacher lounge.


baa baa black sheep


what is that on my chin!?!?!?


so, recently my experiences have led me to conclude that I have been correct all along in avoiding people!!!  People are nothing but trouble, I have to say!

Drama and b.s. all around.

Being alone is a blessing!


i was gonna take tomorrow off but i ended up accepting an assignment.

am i a workaholic?


i want time off but i also need to save up as much money as i can.

because i want to change my living situation and argh

there is a second job i am thinking about applying for.

substitute teaching is not enough money to live due to all of the holidays and vacations which are unpaid.


hey, so um

i was recently called out for “complaining about my job on social media” when really all i said was it was a boring day.  There is a lot more to it than that, but a lot of it is sensitive information which I am actually smart enough to not lay out on a public forum.


and of course, I was accused of being a boring person because only boring people get bored.

Oh, believe me, I found ways to keep myself occupied.  I already mentioned this on twitter, I was reading the intro to Oliver Twist talking about Dickens… his age when he wrote the book and a bunch of background stuff which I found fascinating.  Dickens was a heavy Opium user, as were many in his day.

my ratchet blog


hey. this photo is from over a month ago, bro.

i had just had a crazy free haircut.

i am happy that my hair has grown out a bit since then and i hope it looks better now.




i have an old friend coming to visit me tomorrow on his way up to a new job he got for the winter.  woot.

it has been a few years since i’ve seen him.  maybe six years.

we met when we were 16.

i am sure you will get a photo of us together for the record.


it is purely platonic.  don’t get any idears.

but it will be nice.  maybe keep me out of trouble for a second.



i am working tomorrow before i go pick him up in sacramento.  unless he grabs a train to folsom, which would be easier for me.  we will see how it all turns out.

nice to have a little diversion.

that’s about it for now.  i got two movies from redbox to watch this evening.




ok, i hate my new bf now.  haha.  ex!

i admit i spent too much time with him.  i still find him attractive for some whatever reason but can’t deal with him anymore! at least not the way it was.

it’s ok.  i am happy being on my own.

too bad we can’t force the person we are attracted to to behave the way we would like at all times.  need a robot!


also, it was summer and i had too much time on my hands and it was too hot.  i needed something to do.  now, i need to work and chill.  he is not a ‘chill’ person.

back to the ol’ drawing board.

i spent so much time away from the computer and the social media but now i am back to having more time to annoy the internet!



i was happy for a few weeks!


hasta la vista!

reading for my mom


my mom asked me to do a reading for her.  This is it.  It has been about a month since I did it but I still wanted to go back and more thoroughly research each card.

SignificatorJack of Spades.   (aka Page of Swords)


Recent Past: 6 of Spades

This card almost always indicates travel.

More Distant Past: Q of Diamonds

A codependent mother. 🙂

A natural homemaker.

Near Future: 8 of Spades (Reversed)


More Distant Future: 4 Spades (Reversed)


Undercurrent of Reading: 3 of Cups


Sky: 5 cups (Reversed)


Incoming from Universe: 6 of Cups


Self Concept: King of Wands


Hopes and Fears: 2 of Cups


House: Q of Wands

who is in your space or influencing this situation?


Outcome/Resolution: Jack of Hearts, 4 of Diamonds (reversed) and The Fool








tarot reading at the cabin


sadly, i did not get a better capture of this spread, so this one will have to suffice.

Significator: 3 of Diamonds (Pentacles)


Recent Past: King of Spades also The Emperor


Usually the Court cards will represent a person…. So, the King of Spades in my recent past may be about someone with whom I have recently been involved.

The Emperor aspect of this card will most likely also be applied to this person in my recent past.


More Distant Past: 8 of Clubs


Near Future: 9 of Clubs also The Sun



More Distant Future: Six of Pentacles

This card often indicates codependence.


Root: 6 Hearts (reversed) and The Lovers (reversed)



Sky: 2 of Diamonds (Reversed) and High Priestess (Reversed)



How I see myself: 4 of Clubs


Hopes and Fears: 8 of Diamonds


Who or What is Influencing me: 5 of Wands and The Devil



Outcome: 3 Cups, 9 Cups, Q Clubs

Possibly and engagement party.  Indulgence.