spring fever or hay fever?


This was the view from our room in Perry, Oklahoma.

I love the Oklahoma accent.  It reminds me of my middle school best friend’s father.  We used to laugh our heads off when he spoke French with his Oklahoma drawl.



i like the kangaroo and the fox. and the giraffe.


i am always drawn to toys.


this church is in Rawlins, Wyoming. I had to spend two nights there on my trip back to California because there was a mid-April BLIZZARD.   It did freeze up the roads in Eastern Wyoming.


my car on the day I left Wyoming.


Spring Break ends this weekend and then Monday it is BACK TO SCHOOL!

Pink Full Moon tonight

Let’s see what happens.



these things happen


While I was in Illinois (for about 2 weeks), my phone was out of commission in the house where we were living.  I was using a crappy alterna-phone which took cruddy photos.  I mostly kept up with my instagram stories but posted few photos and then the crap phone crapped out and some of the pics I’d planned to post were forever lost.  These things happen.

My phone worked when I was in nearby towns, but not in the exact town where bf’s home is.


cool old slot machine in Taylorville, Illinois.

I have been playing Caesar’s Slots on my tablet.  It is a slot machine video game.  Kinda pointless but somehow very addictive.  That silly old intermittent gratification thing.  We are suckers for it.  I have never been into gambling… lived in Reno and barely ever did it… but playing the video game I have won millions of fake dollars and gambled them all away, as well.  like the rat in the cage, eh?


old old bricks in front of the library.  i love stuff like that.

Crocs are so comfortable and easy.  Hate on them if you must…. I am a fan.


i took this selfie my last day in Illinois.  It was imperative that I return to deal with a bunch of personal business.  Mike is still there but has a plane ticket to return Saturday.

Then we are needing to take a trip to Vegas for some other business.

We’ll see what happens.

Right now, I am gonna go to the laundromat.  I’ll check in with y’all soon.


why do we now hate talking on phones?


Hi.  So, yeah… smart phones suck for having phone conversations.  People who call without warning are likely to catch you when you are in the middle of something which makes talking on the phone a major inconvenience and then you have to either ignore the call or answer it in the middle of whatever you are doing and basically have to stop whatever you were doing for however long it takes to get off that phone call!

I am not saying it is never appropriate to call someone or to talk on the phone but it is not enjoyable.  The phones are hard to hold or you have to put the person on speaker which ruins the sound quality on one or both ends.


there are a lot of interesting buildings in Illinois.  You can rent this one, if you like.  I think it is some sort of silo or storage building.



here is a lake in Illinois… I don’t recall the name of it.  People take boats out on this lake and they go fishing.  It was windy this day and cold and I didn’t get out of the car here.


his mom bought us lunch this day and these wings had a weird spice to them which made me cough.  it didn’t burn, otherwise.  it tasted pretty good but can’t say they are my favorite wings I have ever tasted.


This roast beef sandwich Mike ordered, on the other hand, was in-frickin’-credibly delicious.  I had one bite of it.


this was the place where we ate that food.  Al Capone and his gang hung out there at some point.


yep.  cool history, bruh.


and me in a bowling alley bathroom.  woohoo.

i am starving right now. gonna run.  ttys



perpetual limbo


hi, so I still haven’t told y’alls about my trip over the past month.

my bf and I drove to Illinois, which is where he is from and he took residence in the home which was left to him after his father passed away.  It was a fun trip and the place is pretty cool.  I enjoyed being out of California but I had to come back to deal with personal business.


During the trip I avoided eating things like this but sometimes ya gotta.  We shared this.  Those are chili cheese tots.  Most of the time, we bought food at grocery stores and prepared it ourselves in the hotel rooms on the way or once we got there.


we have Sonic in California, as well, but this one was in Kansas or Texas or something.  haha.  Places are always a little different depending on what state they’re in.


This was a mushroom burger at a Hardee’s.  It was delicious.  Mike ordered it and I only took a few bites for the experience…. and I ate some fries with ketchup.  Frickin’ tasty, I must say.


being on the road for ages can take its toll.  It was mostly pretty enjoyable, though.


Here’s the little pig who went to Market in Windsor, Illinois.  That store was one of our favorite places to get meat and other Deli foods.  The rest of their groceries were a bit high in price, tho.  Walmart has pushed out all of the local stores, for the most part.


This cool old ice cream shack was closed for the winter but would be opening up in a month or two.


anyway…. I am ready to go do something else now, but I have a few more pics to share from the trip next time, k?

Have a fabulous Tuesday!

pictures of you


Hi.  Just a little heads up, my life has been SUPER INTENSE for …. well, pretty much forever but…. the past year or two or five or twelve or 20.  yeesh.  I am still here.  Giving up isn’t an option.  It may seem that I am having fun or that I only think about trivial matters but that is FAR from the case.  My blogging and social media stuff are just an escape for stress release or just a pastime.


Selfies are just a way to remember a day.  This was valentine’s day.


My Dad always hated photographs.  Back when they were only the things you took with a camera and then developed the film and brought home actual physical photos.

He always said looking at photos gave him a feeling he didn’t like.  Regret? Sadness? Nostalgia? idk.


Life is repetitive.  Repetitious? Over and over and over we do the same things, day after day, year after year.  Why is that?  What is that all about?


What are we SUPPOSED to be doing?  Is there a right thing and a wrong thing?  Some say the most important thing is don’t cause harm.  Well, THAT’S impossible!  It really is.  Who is to say?  Who can be the judge?  A person may think he or she is doing the right thing and he or she could be WRONG about that!!!!

dramatic erratic


super old pic but I don’t think I’ve used it.

lately I have been obsessively listening to this dude’s videos on youtube.  I enjoy the way he speaks.

i listen to a LOT of youtube videos only for the voices and most people’s voices or speaking styles annoy the crap out of me.

I’m always searching for the perfect lecturing voice for my needs.


mostly I just like to be able to listen to the person speak while maybe also doing something else or possibly just in order to relax.

This is why I also kind of enjoy audio books.  especially when I am driving for a long time.


Do you ever feel super grumpy or depressed or fug and you take a selfie and you try to look happy and pretty to make yourself feel better?  it kinda works, actually.  try it, if you haven’t.



oops. my finger got over the camera lens here.  and ruined the pic. heheh.


nice baggy leggings. haha.  not.

i think i threw those away because they had a stain and a hole.


some delicious food I made about a month ago.  ahhh memories.


This was after I had colored my hair.  it is all faded and brassy-looking NOW, tho.  Needs a new dye job.


haha these fake nails look pretty crappy, actually.  you can still see the little tabs which i had not yet filed.  but most people don’t look at them that closely and i have fun with them.  they are constantly popping off tho.  eventually i get bored of it all and quit for a while.



anyhooters, i have been out of california for the last 25 days…. but now I am back and have lots of catching up to do.  So, I will probably be back again tomorrow for y’alls.  I know you can’t wait!



this pizza was delicious.  in this photo, it is cold.  if you heat it up, it is bomb.


if you understand how to answer all of these questions, i hate you.  jk.  i am jealous.

i find it quite confusing.  it hurts my brain.  i am not a math-oriented thinker.


can you tell by this pic that was a tart orange?  yep, it was.  i have been trying to eat more fruits and veggies because generally i am a meat and cheese person.


here i am wearing mismatched socks because i can never find any socks to wear in matching pairs.  and after having worn those jeans for the day, i was like, i am never wearing them again.  i felt like a total dork in them.


my daughter.  this is one of the first years she has experimented with having her hair up since kindergarten.  i think variety in hairstyles is good.


here i am with with my valentine.

gotta run. i have an appointment.