my ratchet blog


hey. this photo is from over a month ago, bro.

i had just had a crazy free haircut.

i am happy that my hair has grown out a bit since then and i hope it looks better now.




i have an old friend coming to visit me tomorrow on his way up to a new job he got for the winter.  woot.

it has been a few years since i’ve seen him.  maybe six years.

we met when we were 16.

i am sure you will get a photo of us together for the record.


it is purely platonic.  don’t get any idears.

but it will be nice.  maybe keep me out of trouble for a second.



i am working tomorrow before i go pick him up in sacramento.  unless he grabs a train to folsom, which would be easier for me.  we will see how it all turns out.

nice to have a little diversion.

that’s about it for now.  i got two movies from redbox to watch this evening.





ok, i hate my new bf now.  haha.  ex!

i admit i spent too much time with him.  i still find him attractive for some whatever reason but can’t deal with him anymore! at least not the way it was.

it’s ok.  i am happy being on my own.

too bad we can’t force the person we are attracted to to behave the way we would like at all times.  need a robot!


also, it was summer and i had too much time on my hands and it was too hot.  i needed something to do.  now, i need to work and chill.  he is not a ‘chill’ person.

back to the ol’ drawing board.

i spent so much time away from the computer and the social media but now i am back to having more time to annoy the internet!



i was happy for a few weeks!


hasta la vista!

reading for my mom


my mom asked me to do a reading for her.  This is it.  It has been about a month since I did it but I still wanted to go back and more thoroughly research each card.

SignificatorJack of Spades.   (aka Page of Swords)


Recent Past: 6 of Spades

This card almost always indicates travel.

More Distant Past: Q of Diamonds

A codependent mother. 🙂

A natural homemaker.

Near Future: 8 of Spades (Reversed)


More Distant Future: 4 Spades (Reversed)


Undercurrent of Reading: 3 of Cups


Sky: 5 cups (Reversed)


Incoming from Universe: 6 of Cups


Self Concept: King of Wands


Hopes and Fears: 2 of Cups


House: Q of Wands

who is in your space or influencing this situation?


Outcome/Resolution: Jack of Hearts, 4 of Diamonds (reversed) and The Fool








tarot reading at the cabin


sadly, i did not get a better capture of this spread, so this one will have to suffice.

Significator: 3 of Diamonds (Pentacles)


Recent Past: King of Spades also The Emperor


Usually the Court cards will represent a person…. So, the King of Spades in my recent past may be about someone with whom I have recently been involved.

The Emperor aspect of this card will most likely also be applied to this person in my recent past.


More Distant Past: 8 of Clubs


Near Future: 9 of Clubs also The Sun



More Distant Future: Six of Pentacles

This card often indicates codependence.


Root: 6 Hearts (reversed) and The Lovers (reversed)



Sky: 2 of Diamonds (Reversed) and High Priestess (Reversed)



How I see myself: 4 of Clubs


Hopes and Fears: 8 of Diamonds


Who or What is Influencing me: 5 of Wands and The Devil



Outcome: 3 Cups, 9 Cups, Q Clubs

Possibly and engagement party.  Indulgence.





always on the run



been busy af.

don’t know whether i’m coming or going anymore, i tell ya!

here is a text from my friend:


yes. yes.

i am in a relationship.  with a guy.

we will see what happens.  that is always my outlook.

right  now it has changed the way i live my life.


soon it will go back to normal, i swear!

whatever normal is.  boring?


idk, life is just life.  sometimes boring, sometimes not.  usually it is what ever you decide it is going to be, isn’t it?

i spent two nights at a cabin in the sierra, with my mom and my daughter.  it was nice but there was a lot of smoke from the california wild fires.  that is not pleasant.  the smoke is everywhere, tho, it seems.


you can sorta see the smoke hanging in the trees in this photo.  some times of the day were worse than others.



i’ve been a miner for a heart of gold


i have a lot of emotions.  happiness. sadness. anxiety. boredom.

just have to experience them, watch them and allow life to go on.


i hate this picture because my tum tum looks all poofy because these shorts make it look that way.

and also my tum tum is poofy.

maybe i will be getting into better shape sometime soon, or maybe not.


i am really looking forward to going back to work just so i will have less free time without air conditioning and then maybe make enough money to get some air conditioning going at home also.

hangin around just beating the heat is not much of a pastime.


this is a creepy weird tree with a face.


this was a very tasty donut.
















the sidewinder sleeps in her car


Cool.  I also blogged on Blogger website for a long time before I started a wordpress blog, fyi.  I am prolific.


I made a new friend a couple of weeks ago and have been largely removed from participation from the internet.  Blogging, social media has all taken a back seat because my time has been occupied with real shit.  Quite the interesting development.

Sometimes I am happy about it and then once in a while I think that I miss my old, boring solitude.  Less drama, that is certain.  Humans are drama.


Everyone has no shortage of things to verbalize and my attention span can be bad.  Most people I have no desire to listen to them.  It takes my energy.  But some people when they speak, it calms and soothes me.  But sometimes I just zone out while they are talking anyhow.  I feel like a kid when two adults begin to have a conversation, I’m like off chasing butterflies and looking at bugs in the grass.


my friend took me out to lunch a week or so ago and I got this Bloody Cobb, it was called.  Big hunk of bleu cheese yum.

A lot of people obsess verbally to anyone who will listen about some person on whose actions they are fixated. They will tell you over and over.  I’m like, I doubt that anyone would listen to me if I just kept rambling on every thought which entered my head… but somehow these people seem to get away with that crap.  I honestly believe I am much more considerate of others than most people I deal with in life.  Seriously.

I think it is about time for a new Tarot reading.  I hope to post it tomorrow morning.


hello, my name is man hands.  😦

I do have very large hands.  An 8 inch span, bro.  Freakish

the better to massage you with, my dear.


someone carved this out of soapstone.  my friend’s friend.

My new friend has many of my same attitudes and interests.  I like it.

I find him mostly quite comfortable to hang around and that is not the norm for me in my life.

He has given me a lot of cool stuff, too.  I like that.  A whole bunch of nice art supplies.

I am looking forward to doing some drawing with those.


i have a new bike.  Last night my friend and I went for a bike ride but it was short.  I am out of shape and there are a lot of hills around here and even at like 10pm it was so hot and i was sweating a ton.  Felt good tho.  I would like to see this trend continue.  My friend stays up late a lot, but I do not …. so that has been a compromise.  I have been getting home sometimes around 10.  My goal is more like 8:30… heh.  It is nice to strike a balance.