hi there do you ever just not check your mail because you don’t want to? mine is, I have to walk over to get it– its not like, on my way to get going inside of my house. so sometimes I just don’t check my snqil mail for, like, a week and sometimes I regret that because there will be urgent things in my mailbox. it’s just Murphy’s Law though that if you check it everyday there’s going to be nothing in there but junk mail.


oh yeah, so I found out the other day that my uncle died. he just died the other day. it was supposedly not expected but the circumstances do have a bit of drama to them. I’m not super sad about it although it did bring up some other unresolved grief I have from past losses that’s just the way grief works, I think. I don’t know how soon the funeral will be. probably in a couple days, I’m guessing. I think they said they’re going to cremate him. I’m not even sure if there’s going to be a service.

this week the area weather is going to be in the triple digits- a hundred and five degrees. Ughzors. I probably won’t be going out a lot during the heat of the day. I could go swimming in the pool but I don’t know sometimes I just don’t feel the vibe for that. we’ll see.

I’ve been going through a phase of watching Little House on the Prairie and remembering how I used to always really dislike Nellie but now I think she’s very interesting and I looked on Instagram and found a bunch of pictures of Nellie and then I followed the lady who played her and she followed me back on Instagram!! whoop whoop! sorry for the mass of the run on sentence but blogging on my phone that’s the way it goes.

things went well at boyfriends nephews birthday party family get together his sister made kabobs and they were delicious and there was broccoli salad and pudding pie for dessert I ate way too much and was totally bloated and tired afterward

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like a gho-o-ost, they haunt me…

happy Sunday to you. oh yeah the lyrics in the title that song is an earworm. you know what that is? that’s where it gets stuck in your head and will not go away for days and days no matter if you really like it or don’t like it. I really believe that they make those that way on purpose: however, it could be also that I have OCD.

so these pictures are all old news.. if you ever look at my ello , you will have seen them, if you ever look at my Twitter you will have seen them


only a couple more weeks left until I go back to work. summer vacation will soon be no more. all good things come to an end, now don’t they? Such is life.

of course working won’t be so bad either I guess I don’t know I do enjoy having all of the free time.

I got a movie at the library called big bad wolf and I thought it was a Quentin Tarantino movie but, no.. Tarantino just said it was “the best film of the year” but it’s too violent. I just don’t want to see violence. I don’t understand why people can even get away with making movies like that it’s completely psychopathic.

I don't know man this is kind of like a sucky Sunday and I don't really know what I think right now but I'm bored and annoyed and my peruid is probably going to start so yay.

more adventures from me to you!

yesterday i walked down to the river. it takes about five minutes but for some reason i always imagine it takes forevs. it doesn’t. may as well sit around down there rather than in my gloomy apartment, right? why not.

derp. hello there weed in front of my camera!


also i went to the post office. my life is full of excitement, you see?
this was before i changed into the orange shorts for the river.

super embarrassing but whatever!!!

go west! paradise is there

Hidy ho neighbor welcome back thank you for joining us for another episode of a weekend in the life of me! shall we begin?

I drove my car about 4 hours each way to go up to a ranch with lots of horses n chickens n rabbits. S.O. came with. it was a very important trip it meant a lot to me and it was fun but also it did require energy which for the past couple of days I have been recouping.

I used to live up in that area for about 5 years it was almost 10 years ago time is a crazy thing 5 to 10 years is nothing once you’re my age I’m an old grandma. there are more things I would have liked to have revisited areas up there but its just not enough time two days I need like a week.

I could go do it all by myself but I don’t know I’m just not really down for that I guess? I could probably do it. I’ve actually spent a ton of time in my life traveling by myself, though. it’s not like I’ve never done it before.

right now I’m sitting around rewatching the second season of Game of Thrones because I didn’t realize when I checked it out at the library that I’ve already watched it. I don’t really care though because I don’t mind having it on as background.

today I bonked my head pretty hard. harder than I have in a long, long time; and, it was not fun at all– but it seems like the coast is clear. I have no blurry vision, no nausea… so… I’m not dizzy

I put frozen blueberries in a ziplock bag on my head for 20 minutes and then waited an hour and did it again. the reason it happened is I was looking all over my house for my curlers I cannot find them because my hair has not been long enough really to use them for many months probably since December I think is when I cut my hair maybe November. from now on it’s just going to grow. I always want to have long hair and the only reason I cut it is in times when I’m very frustrated with some aspect of my life. sort of like an ‘off with their heads’ type thing

so this coming weekend on Saturday is my boyfriends nephews birthday party so I will be accompanying him to a family-oriented event and Sunday evening he’s busy so maybe I’m hoping we can try to go to a fair on Sunday because I really love going to the fair and pretty soon they’re all going to be over.

bowl of cherries

hello I am blogging on my phone today I don’t have a computer in my house cry cry cry😭😭 so sad I know so this is what I have to work with and it will just simply have to work.

today I did laundry I’m starting to do dishes and I’m watching some movie that’s in Greek and I don’t have subtitles so it’s literally all Greek to me har har 😂😁

so yeah I feel like blogging is practically redundant now that there’s ello. ello dot Calm is about amazing
check it out my name on there is worldgoesround check out @elloworld on twitter, too.


so maybe you follow me closely enough to know that maybe the past year our relationship has had a few ups and downs but I really feel like we’ve crossed over a milestone where the issue of trusting that it’s what we both really want has been fully addressed. some aspects of it have been a total pain in the ass and really difficult and frustrating but I feel like if it’s going to work out which I hope and think that it will then its worth it to sometimes have some struggles. its part of life I mean everyone has struggles of some sort.

so last weekend pretty much sucked kind of mostly but next weekend is supposed to be great and hopefully it will I mean that’s what we will make it be it’s got some cool plans to go to Lassen Volcanic National Park which is exciting. I’ve been there a couple times before and I love it geology is one of my passions.

oh my gosh yes I said it I actually have passions whodathunkit

this week has been good though I’ve just been kind of hanging around and doing what I do… so you do what you do and let me know what you have to say about it thanks 😊

good day

hi. so i am on vacation and it is kinda tough to stay focused and disciplined. have i mentioned that? too much time on my hands. too much time sitting in my apartment going stir crazy. i can only use the computer at the library and after one hour my back hurts so much i can’t stand it anymore. i guess today i will work on the dishes again. never ends.

i HAVE accomplished quite a bit, but there’s always more it seems, doesn’t it?
i got some car repairs taken care of, but there are more.
my car situation is finally improving a lot, tho. some stuff i’d been postponing for aaaages.
now, i’m following thru on all of the medical crap that must be done. who has time for this when they’re working? i’ve mentioned this before. i’m pretty much a broken record. it happens as you get older.

one thing i’ve been having trouble with is following thru on the weight training. mainly i want to work the glutes and the arms. increase muscle mass so as to increase metabolism. a little bit each day, that’s all it takes!! just have to incorporate it in! i spend so much time just kind of zoning out or daydreaming. worrying about what needs to be done.

is the weekend here yet!? haha.

this is what someone looks like who is forcing herself to do productive things in the morning instead of wallowing around in self-pity. cool story?

getting back x-rays


my boyfriend and I are celebrating one year this weekend. we actually met a little sooner than the 4th of July but it was actually like the best first date and when we really saw the potential of our pairing

there have been some struggles of course when aren’t their struggles in life of one form or another right?
I think the first year of any relationship is kind of like the getting to know you period. And you can’t really say that you’re a true couple before that, if you ask me. You can say it and you might know it; but, I just think that you gotta wait that full year to see if it’s really going to be something that lasts

I feel like we’re just now getting to that point and it feels great and I honestly would like to be able to stay with him for the rest of our lives I really would… And I know what that can entail because the last half of life isn’t always the easiest. There are health problems or financial situations that come up– you know all kinds of stuff. it’s not just like the first half of life where you’re partying it up all the time

his grandparents are still together and they help each other out through thick and thin and all types of situations and its a daily effort that’s made… but its a rewarding one
the longest running relationship in my living family now is my aunt and uncle on my dads side my dad’s sister and her husband have been together forever and they’ve never neither one of them has ever been with anyone else


. Anyway I’m feeling good about this weekend we’re going to BBQ up some ribs I’m going to get them marinating today I’m doing laundry today yesterday I cleaned my shower like majorly it was a really thorough cleaning it still looks terrible because it’s an old bathtub that needs to be replaced but its clean

since I’m on semi paid vacation which is completely awesome I have been doing as many chores and errands and doctors appointments and everything else that I can do…. all that stuff that you can’t do when you have a full time job because by the time you’re done your business day is over and you’re exhausted you know?

its been around a hundred and seven degrees for a couple of days and you don’t really want to do anything after noon, it’s like “I’m not going anywhere” you just want to stay in by the air conditioning. I have a crappy little wall unit air conditioner and I have to leave it on all day and half of the night just to keep my apartment at a decent temperature. I live upstairs so that adds to the situation

anyway that’s pretty much all I have for now but hopefully I’ll be taking some great pics this weekend and have much to report to you come Monday or Tuesday. Have a great one!