ok, i hate my new bf now.  haha.  ex!

i admit i spent too much time with him.  i still find him attractive for some whatever reason but can’t deal with him anymore! at least not the way it was.

it’s ok.  i am happy being on my own.

too bad we can’t force the person we are attracted to to behave the way we would like at all times.  need a robot!


also, it was summer and i had too much time on my hands and it was too hot.  i needed something to do.  now, i need to work and chill.  he is not a ‘chill’ person.

back to the ol’ drawing board.

i spent so much time away from the computer and the social media but now i am back to having more time to annoy the internet!



i was happy for a few weeks!


hasta la vista!


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