Happy 2019!


Haven’t blogged in over a month, so I have quite a backlog of photos on my phone.

Not that anyone cares! heh.

Only a few more days left of (unpaid) vacation.  Then it is back to work.  Keeps me outta trouble.  For which I seem to be a magnet, somehow.


Hey, today’s Tarot reading!!!

Significator: Death.

A necessary part of moving forward.  End of something, leading to new beginnings and a positive transformation.  The challenge of old ideas.

Immediate Influences:  3 of Wands.

Look for new allies.  You may receive ideas for a new project.  Act on it without delay.

Recent Influences:  9 of Cups.

A powerful positive indicator.  A symbol of comfort and happiness.  Soul must recapture peace.

Recent Event which is coming to an end: King of Pentacles

You recently received some good advice which will, if followed, put your affairs on sounder footing for the future.

Goals and Destiny: 8 of Swords

A symbol of imprisonment.  A difficult situation from which there is no escape due to mutually conflicting conditions.  Restriction and hesitation at every turn.  Approach the situation with patience and be ready to move when the situation changes.  Admit your past mistakes to yourself and embrace them as part of what you are.

Future:  The Fool

New beginnings and an end to something in my old life.  Important decisions ahead which may not be easy to make and involve an element of risk for me.  A new influence will soon be brought to bear in my life.  In order to achieve success, you will have to be adventurous.

ME: 6 of swords

The worst is over.  A new friend will have an impact on my life.  (A visitor from overseas?)

Friends and Family: 6 of wands

Self-confidence and victory or success.  A portent of good news and a gentle reminder to be humble with your success.  A valuable ally will lend me support. Not entirely without strings but will help me greatly in pursuit of my desires.

Hopes, Fears and Ideals: 4 of Pentacles

Maybe thru an inheritance, you are on your way to financial security and satisfied contentment.  A substantial gift will be received.

Final Outcome:  Queen of Swords

A mature, receptive woman, Sharp-witted and professionally distant aid and counsel.  Trust this person.  She will take an interest in you.  Respect her intelligence and you will be rewarded with peerless guidance.  Your spirit is a strong one.  You will triumph over loss and deprivation.


One of the things which sucks about the town in which I currently reside is that in the summer it is hotter than an oven and in the winter it is cold as an icebox.  wth?

it is so stupid.

I really would like it if I could just live in a more reasonably mild climate.  Come on, now!

Also?  I am sorry to have to say this but I now seriously am pretty sure that I hate all men.  I have had waaaaaayyyyyyy more negative relationships with men than I have positive and my experience has left me jaded.  Maybe it is just me?  I don’t know, but it is sad. Turns out my Grandmother was right all along when she warned me to never trust a man.


Petrified wood…. apparently it isn’t all that valuable.

No metaphor intended…. but accidental metaphors do happen.  Maybe everything has meaning.  I am sure it can and could and does if we want it to.




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