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hi there, dollfaces.

IMG_20171210_131047_435today is the big day I am taking my daughter to see the Nutcracker Ballet, she has never seen it.  It is my main Christmas gift to her and I know it will be an awesome experience for us to share.


I have enjoyed looking in the antique shops at their old-fashioned weird santa clause decorations and other christmas-y vibe stuffs.


I am gonna pick up a little picnic lunch for us to share before the performance and we can probably get a refreshment inside the cafe at the theater, too…. but that will probably be overpriced and or crowded, so we will see.  maybe it will just be a breeze.


me and my shadow, strolling down the avenue.


alright friends. I will tell you all about the ballet later, babes. ttyl


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good tidings of great joy


bah, i’ve been meaning to fix that middle photo of my son on the left which keeps falling down and needs taped.

my clutter

my poor plant. i need to fix it up. add more potting soil and water it.  it’s been thru a lot with the move, i think.

This morning i cooked up some breakfast. I had it in two stages. All breakfast tacos because I have all of these street taco sized corn tortillas which need to be consumed.


yeah, it is maybe slightly undercooked.  oh well, i ate it and it was fine and now you have to see the gross pic! it seems like i can’t make the pics the size i want so this is how they are.  this is the size you get.


so the pic sizes are either ginormous or this



i am at the library and the lady who sat next to me is typing just a little more loudly than necessary. it is causing me to not really be able to hold my train of thought.  but even my own typing is very loud.  seems like a library would have quiet keyboards.  libraries are loud these days, anyhow.  quiet libraries are a thing of the distant past.  people leave their phone notifications on and even take loud phone calls.  may as well get used to it.

i have been super in the mood to watch cheesy christmas movies, did i tell you?


today i felt very successful because i located an item i own which i need/want and due to the move was only vaguely aware of where its whereabouts might be located.  (yes, i did that to be annoying).

oh and hey, that lady who was typing next to me just loudly accepted a call on her phone but lucky for me she was polite enough to log off and go the eff away! woohoo!  i can focus again.  her name is Josette, btw.  i couldn’t help but overhear.


this bus is currently my storage overflow until i sort thru everything effectively.  this will be ongoing over the next couple of weeks, due to mandatory vacations from my main gig.

so, anyhooters…. i have a crockpot of organic beef stew going, which i started before breakfast this morning.  looking forward to making use of that when it’s ready to eat later.  yussss.





to blog or not to blog



IMG_20171125_115459_953this morning, I got another crock pot going with the game hen carcass (seems an unnecessarily brutal term) and some vegetable matter.  sounds appetizing, i know, but actually, that should be ready for me to eat when I get back to the trailer.  yep. i live in a trailer. my dream come true.  after I got the crock pot going and did some housekeeping, my friend invited me for coffee, we had a short chat, then i went to the laundromat.

now, i am at the library.

i am regressing because i started playing neopets again.  lame, waste of time, don’t care.

so this morning my friend was talking about women as though they are here on earth purely for his personal gratification and he says to me that i am one of the boys.  um, nope.  i don’t identify as male, thanks.  this is simply another way of saying that he isn’t interested in me sexually because i don’t want to be ‘friends who shag’…. nope diddly ope.

i am not into the whole game that people seem to wanna play.  so over it.

and i, being a WOMAN and not ‘one of the guys’, do not find his quips amusing which he makes about the females he chases.  i find men who see woman as playthings very unattractive, no matter how attractive they may actually be otherwise.  many men think that women are playing the same game they are playing, but they aren’t.  seriously. women do not find it fun to be used. for the most part, that is what it is.  women, aren’t men.  there are very few women who are interested in sex purely as a physical sport… why do you think there are prostitutes?  bleh.  sorry. i’m boring.

IMG_20171125_120335_173but also i do find it insulting that he is more interested in that skirt chasing bullshit than in actually hanging out with someone (myself!) who is honestly interesting and cool to hang out with!  maybe i overestimate my interesting-ness… but i think he is just an addict.  addicted to the chase.  i think it’s sad and arrested development.  we are talking about a 55 y.o. male.  come on, now!  ha

i have always tried to date older men in the mistaken belief they would be more mature.  newp.  they don’t change.



ok, so here I am in a new library in the new town where i live, now.  Just got a new library card and then discovered this library doesn’t even require a library card in order to use the computer.  wha?

how trusting.

so how is life?  nobody blogs anymore and now that is REALLY true.  the world has become so very strange now with social media.  it’s beyond.

so.  the thing is this.  I am a creative.  This is true whether you care to believe this about me or not, that is of no consequence.  I know it to be the truth about ME.  Working constantly at a job where I don’t really want to be has drained so much of the energy out of me that my creative self has little left in the way of time or motivation to work the way I would like.  So, I moved out of my overly expensive apartment, slashing my living cost overhead by 2/3rds.  Meaning, i pay a third of what I did just to have a place to sleep and cook and chill.

This has been a herculean effort as far as downsizing goes, I had no help really with the move and I had to process thru all my crap on my own.  I am by no means finished.  I feel as though a great burden has been lifted.  I can breathe.  I DO NOT want to commute to work every day and I was really getting burned out on the substitute teaching job.  It’s not that I hate it, it’s just that I hate HAVING to do it, as though I have no choice, just to survive.  No thank you. I need some breathing room.  I need to figure out what else I can do with my time here on this crazy planet.

Wow, this library is  way bigger than I had pictured it would be.


this pic is from yesterday when I went to the theater to see Lady Bird.  I haven’t gone to the theater by myself in aaaaaaages.  It was just fine and dandy.  Reclining fancy seats and I got the kids meal popcorn snack.  It is amazing to actually have a little extra money to spend… for the past year or two, I never spent any money because it was all going to food, rent and bills.  So lame.


and now I have a little more cash, well it’s just in time for christmas. For my daughter, I bought tickets for us to go see a Nutcracker Ballet this coming Saturday.  I also got her some adorable fuzzy slippers and a necklace.  For my son and his fam, I sent them a ton of great DVDs which I know they will enjoy.  For my Mom & Stepdad I will probably get them some chocolates or nuts or a combo of both because, honestly, they have everything and can also afford to get whatever they don’t have…. so, consumables are where it’s at.


I hope you have enjoyed this long-overdue update of the bloggidy bloo.  I may just be blogging more often now, because it is so much more enjoyable when I can use a real keyboard.  I am a very fast word processor/typist.

Happy Holidays, y’all!

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i tried marc jacobs eyeshadow palette #thedressedeye for free

this is the @marcjacobs The Dressed Eye eyeshadow palette in #smartorial i was allowed to test and review via @influenster. i have never had such a nice eyeshadow palette, so this was a great opportunity for me.IMG_20170814_130344_669

I’ve never thought i was very good at applying eye makeup, even tho i am a talented artist on paper or canvas.IMG_20170815_175400_915

this was the look i ended up with. what do ya think? #contest

i tried Niagara spray starch for free

20170807_155340I was very excited to receive my free sample of Niagara spray starch from influenster and I enjoyed using it and continue to use it every week for my outfits to wear to work  I like the way that it helps me make ironing easier and my clothes look fresher and smell fresher and stay looking crisp longer  #contest #pressonniagaraScreenshot_20170807-151338.png

keep it fresh

I know as a woman that most of us struggle in our busy lives to stay fresh on the go, am I right? Always thought I was just really picky about deodorant or maybe I was just extra aromatic, shall we say? That’s how I felt until I found Secret deodorant and I especially love their travel destination line. I heard that recently they changed 20170807_185533.jpgtheir formula and I can’t wait to try it because change is good right? I’m sure it’s only an improvement on an already quality deodorant line. Just for the record my favorite is the Parisian Rose.