yo bro


This hair looks HORRIBLE but guess what?

Even tho I botched the dye job hella … due to one box of hairdye not being enough for my hair…. and had planned to remedy the problem with an additional box of dye… after a few shampoos the problem is much less noticeable and I have thus far been too lazy to fix it but also have since trimmed my hair, as well.  Ongoing process.  The color I had used is too ‘red red’  I like a more copper look.  so the new box is more of a copper color, too.

I do my hair myself… have for years.  Not gonna pay anyone to do anything to my hair.  Never am satisfied when I do, so why bother?

I’m a d.i.y. kinda gal.



School’s out for summer!

And I hate summer!

Hot weather is evil and forces me to change every aspect of my existence.

Wearing clothes becomes intolerable.

I am looking for a new career which will allow me to be more comfortable in several aspects of my life.  Must empower myself.  Can’t rely on others.

My birthday is in two days and I will be 46 and I am definitely desirous of change in my living situation.  FO SHO.

The heat will be a huge motivator because it is nearly inescapable.

anyway, every day I work a bit on my applications, resume and brushing up on some office skills.  so fun.


dude.  I am so tired of dealing with immature, childish, emotionally unavailable, self-centered men.  what the heck is the deal with that crap?

Today a woman asked me my age because she wanted to set me up with her son who is 20!  haha.  i have a son who is older than that.  She thought I was in my 20s.  sweet, thanks?


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