yo bro


(photo credit, my friend Heather)

still powering thru each day like a champ against all odds.

My best strategy is to focus on what brings me pleasure which is mostly eating food!



such as this piece of deliciousness.  bf calls burgers like this a Grumpy Burger.

yom-a-roo.  it had jalapenos.


here it is without the lid.

why are these pics looking all pixelated on my computer screen? is it just mine or is it like that for you, as well? idk.


it has been pretty cold around here lately.  snowing and such.  it is not that bad, but Californians such as myself are wimpy when it comes to weather.


in this photo i am holding a cappucino It’s It.  delish.


saw this in the store for $2 but didn’t buy it because I have too much stuff as it is.  so cute, tho!


here is another delicious snack from the past.  tasty!  Those chips are nice, flaky, greasy but they break easily.


i do laundry a lot.  these jeans are nice but only fit me for a couple of weeks of the month whenst i am not bloated.


at work last month.  in case you were wondering, there are times when i am at work but have no obligations and it is essentially a break.  k?  that is when i take these timed selfies in order to record the day and the outfit for posterity.


killing time as is often the case.


oh yes, the foto where my matte lip tattoo lipstick was leftover on only one side of my upper lip. heh.

anyhooters, life is a pain.  ya feel me?

makin’ the best of it each day.

i will let you know when i have better news.  i do have some fun but mostly it is a struggle.



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