why do we now hate talking on phones?


Hi.  So, yeah… smart phones suck for having phone conversations.  People who call without warning are likely to catch you when you are in the middle of something which makes talking on the phone a major inconvenience and then you have to either ignore the call or answer it in the middle of whatever you are doing and basically have to stop whatever you were doing for however long it takes to get off that phone call!

I am not saying it is never appropriate to call someone or to talk on the phone but it is not enjoyable.  The phones are hard to hold or you have to put the person on speaker which ruins the sound quality on one or both ends.


there are a lot of interesting buildings in Illinois.  You can rent this one, if you like.  I think it is some sort of silo or storage building.



here is a lake in Illinois… I don’t recall the name of it.  People take boats out on this lake and they go fishing.  It was windy this day and cold and I didn’t get out of the car here.


his mom bought us lunch this day and these wings had a weird spice to them which made me cough.  it didn’t burn, otherwise.  it tasted pretty good but can’t say they are my favorite wings I have ever tasted.


This roast beef sandwich Mike ordered, on the other hand, was in-frickin’-credibly delicious.  I had one bite of it.


this was the place where we ate that food.  Al Capone and his gang hung out there at some point.


yep.  cool history, bruh.


and me in a bowling alley bathroom.  woohoo.

i am starving right now. gonna run.  ttys



One comment

  1. Bruce Johnson

    I never talk on the phone anymore. 20 years of answering phones in a civil service job convinced me that every individual on the planet wants to murder me, so phone calls of any sort are not a priority. I have found that if people have to text or write, they talk less and say more, as opposed to composing their thoughts (and sentences) in real time. Many people cannot do that anymore.

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