blogging is dead for real this time

the main reason I ever started blogging was to keep a journal. I had already journaled my entire life as soon as I got my first irl diary. it is therapeutic. sometimes we just need an outlet. now with social media, including twitter, facebook and instagram (and more), it seems like each person stands on their own proverbial soapbox and is talking but really only talking to their own self? It doesn’t seem like anyone is interested in a dialogue. People just want their platform to talk about themself to themself. themself isn’t a word.

nobody has time to truly interact with eachother and it seems as well that they don’t even care to! it is like talking to a two-way mirror. the speaker only sees himself. the watcher or listener can try to interact with the speaker but the speaker can’t see or hear the listener. is that a good analogy?

brave new world, isn’t it?


Currently, I am sitting in a public library which is located adjacent to an elementary school. This is the first week back to school after summer vacation.

The library is working to ensure that kids do not come and hang out in the library after school and wait for their parents. The library is not about to become an impromptu babysitting service. If you want to benefit from being part of a society, you have to abide by the rules of that society. Can’t have your cake and eat it, too.

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