Significator: Knight of Pentacles

Near Future: 5 of Wands

More Distant Future: The Fool

Recent Past: 9 of Swords

More Distant Past: 8 of Pentacles

Underneath it all (Subconscious): King of Pentacles

This could be about a man in my life, if so– I have a hunch who it would be. Otherwise it points to positive outcomes in all areas of life, so that’s good.

Hopes and Fears: 2 of hearts (reversed)

Challenge I face: 2 of Wands

Time to choose between what is familiar and what is good for my growth.

How I see myself: 8 of Cups

Time for a change. Not satisfied.

What the Universe is bringing in: 5 of cups

Who is in my space? Ace of Swords

Outcome: Q of cups, Knight of Swords, 5 of swords (reversed)

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