be flexible

today is my last day off this week and i will work the weekend and then I have 5 days off. 🙂

The day before yesterday, I took my daughter to the movies and the mall and bought her a little gift because she got straight A’s on her final report card of 7th grade.

we have a big garden where i live, so i have been making salads. in this salad, the lettuce is the only item from our garden.

Same with this one, these are lettuce fish tacos. fresh and delicious, made by me.

still been gym’n it. i didn’t work out last week tho because i worked two extra shifts for a coworker and i was just beat. standing on my feet for 8 hours does a number on my crooked-spined body. i did go back for a session with my trainer today and it was great. loved it. a 1-hr workout.

i should make a planner schedule for how i want to utilize my 5 days off in a row that way i can get some stuff sorted. i have been continuing to make an effort to socialize with my roommate/neighbor peeps. one thing i dislike about that is human interaction with housemates ends up leading to drama one way or another. i always think it is so much easier to just avoid/ignore them all as much as possible. but whatever. i am human, so are they.

i worked on July 4th, actually and when i got home, the housemates had bbq’d a ton of hot dogs…. so i joined them for a plate. that is real sauerkraut on my burnt doggie. looks kinda weirdish but tastes great.

my work attire on the 4th. oops, my antennae were on backward. the other side is much cuter with blue feathers and sparkles. got lots of compliments. nobody else was as goofily attired as the new girl (me).

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