couch potato


look at all these sims watching tv in that tiny cramped room! haha

i’m easily amused.




well, hi there! long time, no see, eh?

yep. so, it’s summer, which means i have a lot of available free time. this is lovely. i am trying to use it to catch up on things i never seem to have time for when i’m working every day… even tho my job allows me to frequently be home by 3:30pm, there are other things that have to be done like bill paying, family time, laundry etc which fill up the days and then boom! so much gets left undone. various doctor’s appointments for checking up and maintaining physical health, for one thing.  visiting the doctor is rarely an efficient process…. you get fifteen minutes and maybe two issues can be addressed per visit… then referrals are made, new appointments, etc, blah… gotta be done  oh yeah and where do we fit exercise in with all of this?  sheesh.  we are all too busy. fact.



also i’ve got a trip planned to fly back to missouri to visit my son and his family. that’s great to look forward to.  planning travel isn’t always a breeze either due coordinating to everyone’s schedules with trips to and from the airport– things like that…  life is full of negotiations.



stuck this lime water in the freezer in a styrofoam cup and when i took it out the cup had burst from the water expansion during ice formation so i peeled the styrofoam off, et voila! cool, eh? literally.



so, dudes…. one of my theories (which these days everyone’s thoughts belong to everyone, it seems) is that smart phones have been developed to control and limit human interaction… nobody likes to talk irl, face to face or even on the phone anymore… we all want all of our shit to be via the screen, typing, etc… and that takes a way a lot of the valuable aspects of social/human interaction such as facial micro-expressions, voice intonations, movement, spontaneity, etc.  one of the deterrents to talking on the phone is how it heats up your phone, makes your ear sweat, bad connections make people’s words get cut out/off and it all seems rather a nuisance.   and then when you are talking on your smartphone you can’t also be looking at it so it prevents us from the constant ADHD multi-tasking which also prevents us from one of humanity’s main defining traits which is SPECIALIZATION.  it’s all a conspiracy, bro   look out!



had a great camping trip on my birthday (43) and have been making an effort to get out to the river often… i live within walking distance and feel guilty for being a hermit.  for a while there the 100 degree temps every day kept me from venturing out much but we’re in more humane heat range this week.  whew


this was a tasty treat which i will never again eat.

just had to try it but that stuff is pure poison, i’m sure….. gnome sayin’?


a snapchat lens.

this really doesn’t look like me at all. it reminds me of a few people, tho… some famous, some not… and speaking of conspiracies…. the snapchat thing is just a way to monitor and catalogue people too. facial recognition, location surveillance, all of it big brother and scary af.  i’m aware of it



i’ve also been dealing with a whole bunch of gaslighting b.s. on twitter mostly from long-term frenemy-enemy troll-face-heads.  ugh-sicles.

they try to twist it around to make it seem like i am the perpetrator and it’s all so totally nutso and sickening.

well we will have to do this again soon but i gotta motor!

catch ya lates, brozowskis






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my sims’ stories

during spring break, i started playing Sims FreePlay


do you like his afro?


this is a neighbor. she isn’t really seeing either of these guys.


three have a hobby of cooking. the third is into fishing.


he didn’t have a chair he wanted to sit in, i guess….


typical guy never knew there was even a problem.  heheh


looks like a problem, tho… hm…


she is practicing her cooking skills.




hello 2016


my new year weekend was very nice.

today is the first day back to work and lo and behold, my car wouldn’t start so i could not go.  bummer deal dude.  by the time i got a jump start, it was already too late.  let’s hope for a better tomorrow, then, shall we?


the bf and i decided to take a drive up to the snow, which is really only about a half hour away, but then we thought, hey, let’s have lunch in Tahoe… not much further… then we thought, hey, let’s spend the night in Reno, et voila… it happened.  great!



wish i’d’ve tried the Bakon Mary, but i had the build-your-own bloody mary bar instead because i’ve always wanted to try that… but they had no meat available on that. wasn’t actually hungry anyway, since we’d just had the breakfast brunch buffet.  yum!


i used to live in reno and i really liked it there.

it’s special.100_2511


bf’s go-to is capt’n & coke.  mine is wine, but on special occasions i love bloodys.  i’m just not into vodka and hard alcohol doesn’t work well for me, it causes me to have unpredictable weird emotions.



mine was pretty good, tho.  i’m an amateur bartender!



#silverlegacy  nice automatic hashtag insert into photo.  everyone takes their pic in this giant chair.



this was actual new year’s eve… we went out to one of my favorite mexican joints…. yum yum yummo!

bah, i am going to start doing at least 25 squats per day plus at least 40 arm weights per day, i am too old to eat fun foods.





people aren’t always perfectly photogenic and sometimes you can’t capture their best essence with dumb old timed photos.  i am extremely attracted to my boyfriend, but i am sure he would hate this pic.  of course, i look kind of dumb, too…(not saying he does) . but it’s kinda candid.  whatever.


he humors me. he is ten years older and totally not into the whole social media thing whatsoever.


on a walk with doggie. he is a big baby and prefers to be carried. he’s sweet, tho.


view from our room when we first got to reno.



in an unusual twist of circumstances, this day i had awakened at about 3AM, no longer felt sleepy and decided not to go back to bed, so needless to say, by the time we got to the casino, i was not in the right frame of mind to go down and brave the new years weekend crowd. ugh. we tried and it was just too much for me.  went back to the room to watch ghost adventures and rest after a lovely dinner at the Sterling restaurant.



i ate tons of bread because bf can’t (gluten intolerant) plus it took like an hour for our stupid food to come. this is why i hate restaurants. they are outlandishly expensive and you have to wait for billions of years to get your food and often the food isn’t that great, tbh.


this salad, for instance? came with bf’s meal. are you serious?  it’s ridiculous. like, cute presentation of one bite of iceberg lettuce with one tiny square of romaine to trick you into thinking it’s romaine? what is this, burger king?  come on.


his burger was $30 come on.  are you kidding me? it came with about four potatoes worth of fries and three pieces of bacon and a whole bunch of toppings on a separate plate.  but i could buy so much amazing ground beef for that price and make some killer burgers in a lot less than an hour, let me tell you.  i know, all i do is focus on the negative… but the alternative is to be a totally delusional airhead, if you ask me.  two dollars for three slices of bacon and two dollars for a slice of fricking cheese.  i hate restaurants. haha


because i am a cheapskate, i just ordered an app.  $16 for this. escargot. very garlicky, which is good. also way too salty, which is an amateur chef move…. allow the guest to determine the salt level of their own food, thanks.  i only ate a few bites, dipped some bread in the yummy sauce and took the rest in a container.  i heated some up and ate it with other stuff last night, it wasn’t bad … especially with some lemon juice (which they did not offer as an accompaniment in the restaurant).  when you are charging such exhorbitant prices for food, the service should be top-frickin-notch.  lame. service is rarely acceptable for me, either.  i suck. haha


that’s his burger under the bacon medallion… do you SEE how many fries come with?  get real.  haha. of course, i gladly took them back to the room for later munching.


anyway, yes. it was a great time, i am grateful and i really need to start exercising… omg. fatty bomb-battykins!!!!!!


love ya!!!!!!!!!!





jolly holiday

so… here i am, sitting in my livingroom. thought you might like to see it.

been sitting around in my living room a lot lately, what with my being on vacation and all.

too much time on my hands.

playing video games such as cooking fever and looking way too much at the internet… some cooking, some cleaning, some bonding with my doggie. yes, i still have halloween decorations up. i do that.  i like those scaredy cats.


here, i did up my eyes.  not bad, eh? time for a glamour shot then.

today, i will paint my nails midnight blue for the new years theme. also i will eat the rest of my ravioli and then do something with some chicken breasts. marinate them in lemon and cayenne and garlic, yeah, that’s it.


blurry arty shot.  i like it.

so… how was your christmas? mine kinda sucked? i guess i celebrated early and then skipped the real deal which isn’t really real anyway, so c’est la vie.  commercialism materialism pressure stress insanity… i just do whatever i end up doing and accept it at that.  still enjoy myself.  even if i’m miserable for moments.


this pic is too purplish pink.  i was subbing for a bike repair class. it was oddly somewhat stressful. last day before vacation.


fun with laundry times fam.


sometimes i clean up after people instead of making them do it.  seems easier?  it’s the motherly instinct.


i don’t like this shirt anymore.  it needs to be belted  but i don’t want to belt it.  poofs out on my belly like a preggo.

is this all of my pics?

check my twitter or instagram.

there are the last pics i uploaded to the internet.

yes, i’ve been feeling overwhelmed with life.
i’m exploring what it means to be me.
who am i?
what am i?

can i be me?

the things about me that i think other people should notice and value and appreciate… i have to emphasize those things. these things are subtle. things that only certain individuals even have the capacity to value and appreciate.

how can i communicate who i am? express myself?

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hey man


long time no blog, eh? i know, right!?!?!?

i can’t get it together enough to blog on the reg.
but here i am now!


so the holidays are upon us. wow. i’m on vacation and it’s going to whiz by. i know it. before you know it i’ll be back to work again. but in the meantime, i am trying to make good use of the flexibility of schedule.

i moved all my furniture around today and i’m feeling more creative.

i drew this yesterday and today i am going to do another drawing.



hope you’re having a nice week!! ttys(omeday)