Clairol Root Touch-Up


I was also recently given another opportunity via Influenster <—– sign up using my link!

Perfect for me, This compact concealing powder does a fantastic job of covering those pesky grey hairs at my temples which simply refuse to respond to hair dye!

They do have one in Red, but I was not able to select that color for this trial, so I tried the Light Brown, which works just as well, in my opinion.

Oh, and by the way, a great pro-tip, this works quite nicely to color the eyebrows, as well!  You can buy this at Target, here is the link!

Easy to apply, convenient compact can go with you anywhere.


Le Marc Liquid Lip Crayon

I was given another awesome opportunity to try out and review some makeup from Marc Beauty via Influenster! This time, I tried out two of the new Liquid Lip Crayons!

Almost a $70 retail value!  (last time, I tried their Dressed Eye Eyeshadow Palette and it was super awesome)


I received two shades, one called Send Nudes and the other called Flaming-OH!

The first is the one you will see pictured in all of my photos because it suits my coloring well.  The Flaming-OH! is a fuschia color and really isn’t suited to my complexion.


you can see them in this photo above with the other contents of my current make up bag.


here I am this morning wearing the Le Marc Send Nudes Liquid Lip Crayon

I have never been a big lipstick wearer because I have always felt awkward wearing lipstick, in addition to being someone who will ‘eat’ it off within minutes of application and am not one to keep reapplying throughout the day.  But this was a bit of a game-changer for me.  I have been applying it every morning when I work and I think it makes me look much more polished and professional.  It still doesn’t last all day but it does last much longer than traditional lipsticks.

If you are interested in having the opportunity to test out free full sized product samples like I do, you should definitely join influenster using my referral code!

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into the abyss

If I am going through a midlife crisis, what does that entail?

The first thing is the realization that being in ‘a relationship’ does not mean one is happy, it does not mean you have reached success in life.  Many who are in relationships are struggling with dissatisfaction about the relationship or even considering wistfully what life would be like outside of that bondage.  Being in a relationship is actually more difficult than being single because there are always uncomfortable compromises being made with the same individual you thought was the be-all end-all in the beginning.

The ideal vs. the reality.

For instance, the last guy I thought I was madly in love with at one point… what are some things about him that are difficult for me to deal with?

One is that he is always cold and I am always hot.  That causes many discomforts.  Riding in the car, he has the heater on and I have my head sticking out the window.  Going out in nature, if it’s too cold, he isn’t going to want to be out walking around or will need a coat with him and still might be uncomfortable.  For me, that is a buzzkill, because I would much prefer to be out in nature when it’s colder than when the sun is blazing down.

Also, dietary differences.  He is gluten intolerant so almost all restaurants are a no-go.  SO many restaurants really seem to still not grasp the concept of what gluten intolerance is…. wait staff will be uninformed and think it means you can’t have dairy or meat.  Better safe than sorry means mostly never eating out together.  I love to explore all different kinds of restaurants and cuisines.  How stifling it seems to me, such a relationship.  I’d be willing to put up with it tho, if everything else were in place but….

The next issue is one person being a total neat-freak minimalist while the other is a bit of a carefree vagabond hoarder artistic type.  One person has his pantry items alphabetized and spaced in geometric patterns, while the other works on gut instinct and primal intuitive memory to know where her possessions reside.  It’s a mystery! Fun!

Opposites attract, right?  Why is that! It’s so maddening.


When my Dad was the age I am currently (almost 45), he bought a 24 ft sailboat and sailed from Berkeley Marina in California all the way down to Mazatlan.  Most of the trip was made solo, but along the way he stopped in Marinas and met some friends who were on similar soul-searching missions.  Some of them provided a feeling of companionship via radio.  A couple of my uncles joined in for segments of his trip.  I went and visited him when he was docked in Ensenada.

I feel there are parallels to that trip and what I’m experiencing now living in my trailer in the foothills.  It’s a bit of a midlife crisis, I think.


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what can’t i go without?

I’ve been paring down my possessions.  My aim is to be more free.  Everything I own bogs me down.  I feel responsible for each article of clothing, dish, fork, beauty product.  One person can only use so much, only needs so much.  One of my favorite inpirations is Drew Binsky  He has been traveling the world for a ridiculous length of time and keeps all of his belongings in two carry-on bags.  So admirable.

Being human is very strange.  A strange state of affairs.  It’s just like, WHY? What are we supposed to be doing?  I have concluded that it isn’t anything grand or amazing.  We are supposed to just live in the moment, awake, aware… tending to our immediate surroundings and circumstances and those who are in our presence.  What we have become is something else entirely, the stuff of dystopian science fiction novels.

I have noticed myself starting to feel a bit queasy when I continually consume social media and internet information.  It’s all just tooooooo much! Ridiculous.

How much can we go without?  Without all the stuff and things we think we must have, we think we live for?  I think we can go without a lot.  At first, it seems difficult and frustrating but you can get used to it.  It will be okay.

Society’s bent toward constant pleasure and self-gratification has started to feel a bit like the kid in the candy store who was delighted to have all the candy he could eat to his heart’s content… until he started to feel ill and never want to see another piece of candy again.  We need a reset.

Many celebrities have found over time that self-gratification is like a black hole which gobbles and gobbles but is never filled up.  One of my favorite Shakespeare quotes, “If all the year were playing holidays, to sport would be as tedious as to work.”  It is the nature of things.



i fly off the handle sometimes.  but i just need to vent. this blog is my vent space.

some people i know, when i  try to vent to them, they try to advise me and usually that ends up making things worse for me.  it is better for me to just write out my feelings and wait.

others do not understand.


i sent this screenshot to a couple of my friends and none of them had anything at all to say about it.


people lack imagination.


looks like leo started the dab trend ages ago, eh?

one year ago today i was very very ill with a flu.  i really hope it passes me by this year.  but i think i do have a touch of poison oak.

this morning my roommate landlord accused me of stealing his onions, when i didn’t.  i have taken two of his onions in the past but i told him about it.  i wouldn’t steal an onion and then lie about it!!!



perfect, eh


omg, how can this librarian stand saying the same word over and over day after day after day????  “beautiful” hyperbole.  it’s not beautiful that someone can type in their password, chick.  it’s not beautiful.

also, people who overuse any phrase drive me nuts.  i especially dislike “gotcha” or “gotchya”  if you say that more than once to me in a month, i will be mad. 🙂

unoriginal, lazy, unconscious… these are the qualities i perceive in someone who relies heavily on these little catch phrases.  i know i’m not the only person who feels this way, thank heaven, though… i looked it up.


while i’m at it, what is up with people who are just totally unable to be honest or even really tell you what they are thinking at all?  what the heck!?!?!? it makes everything so much more difficult than it needs to be.


all this mysterious enigma crap has gotta go.  let’s save everyone some time and just tell the truth! please?

but some people are unable to do that.  they can’t handle the truth.  they’d rather live in some kind of confusing muddled up lies.  well, let me tell you one thing…. if you are a man in your mid-50’s and you can’t even make sure you have food in your fridge, so your mommy has to cook your meals for you and also your mommy interrupts your hang-time with me by texting “what are you doing?” and you immediately answer her but then ignore a text i send the next day for 32 hours…. you have problems, k?

but i am not the one to fix those problems for ya.  maybe your mommy and sissy can.