squeezing it in

my boyfriend wanted to go out for ice cream, so i obliged. can’t be a spoil sport. he knows i’ve been working hard to get ‘my figure back’ but you have to have some fun, too. balance.

whenever i leave my house, i bring food with me so i can make sure to be able to resist the temptation to grab stuff that’s expensive and not healthiest.  i obsess on certain foods like eggs and avocados.  in order for me to make any progress on anything, it needs to become an obsession.


yesterday i got cilantro and basil plants to plant in my boyfriend’s backyard.  i want to encourage him to grow more food-producing plants in his garden to augment and compliment our backyard shenan w/e lifestyle which has become our fave new pastime.

next w/e is a plan to go to santa cruz with his paternal ‘rents.  i love having a totally awesome bf.  i really believe after all i’ve been thru that it takes at least a year to really get past all the barriers to having a real intimate relationship with anyone you haven’t known your whole life– specifically when you are older… 40, etc.  he’s 51.  i’ve dated mostly men who are 50 over the past few years.  for me, i have found it to be the perfect age of men.  ten years older than i (am old).  it works.

i ended up with an extra day off for spring break.  i’ll look forward to the reassurance of knowing more specifically what i’ll be doing with my day as soon as i wake up in the A.M.  my job still has a LOT of spontaneity and unpredictability, tho.  just enough to help keep it ongoing-ly interesting.


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