just checking in for a min

yesterday, i did laundry.
isn’t spring break great?

the lighting was all wrong on this photo. the one day i decide to take some timed shots in the laundry room tons of people are in there and the maintenance man was working on the door for like an hour.

this is just to prove that i did chores and actually accomplished something of value with my week off from work.

and here is another pic from that cemetery last weekend. what a lovely tree, eh?

i hope some day i can look back at all of my old blogs (some of which are now defunct and partially exist on blogspot) and be like, oh cool! i’m glad i documented all this crap! haha. right?

today i met with my boyfriend to have lunch with him on his lunch break and i got to ride along with him on one go-round of his route. it was cool!!!!! but i had to act like it wasn’t really happening so as not to alert the other passengers. it’s a new job and we don’t want anyone thinking there is any funny business going on. i was secretly having a blast, tho. it’s so fun to see him in some different persona. it’s so cool that he wanted me to!

this was a little dining area looking down over another dining area….

at the old hotel in jackson. the National


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