private eyes are watching you

This is a picture from a time when i was enjoying my “boring” weekend, as queen of the trolls (from my point of view) puts it. it’s an internet thing… you wouldn’t understand… but of course you would. you’re ON the internet right NOW! silly me.

and it’s already Friday again! more “boring weekend” time to enjoy for me!

i wish i could have non-boring weekends. no i don’t. yes i do.

whatever. it’s my life, internet hater troll person. i do not understand the problem. apparently it is my fault because i tweet my opinions without naming names and you (troll) decide to read my tweets and get ALL BENT OUT OF SHAPE saying i am stalking and harrassing you. it’s bullcrap. as i’ve always said, you have always been crueler, meaner and nastier to me than i have ever been to you: fact. which is why i despise you, bottom line.

it really gets old but it is like life…. unrelenting. ha.
anyway, look at this awesome geology and my cool sandals and my beach-themed toenails which now need to be changed since it’s been a week.

it’s a big deal to me. nobody else gives a rats poo about it except the other biznatch involved, i guess.
i just feel misunderstood and have from the get-go and i think that my original assessment of this person has held true the entire time. sorry charlie if you don’t like it.

there is this sitting next to me guy at the library who is very strange. he is like special ed, i guess. it’s kinda obnoxious.
it’s like, why do you have to sit by ME??

so yeah, my boyfriend and i went to visit his dad and his stepmom and we went to santa cruz for dinner and walked around a bit, then he and i spent the night in a hotel and spend a few hours the next day walking around this cool place where he used to always hang out and play when he was growing up.

my allotted time for internetting at la biblioteca has ended. must be moving on. more stuffs to do.

i’ll have to get back to you soon. 🙂


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