meltdown town

blogging at the library sucks! lots of things suck, man! seriously! life is too much sometimes.
people sitting next to you that you don’t know and they are making noises and trying to sneak looks at what you are doing, etc. not a great blogging environment. totally kills the mood for me.

but we keep calm and carrie on, don’t we? yep.

i’m spending half the time trying to figure out where this computer saves files. argh!

i never use real computers anymore, with real keyboards. it’s a totally different animal.

bad shadows on face. blah. i’m so out of practice with all of this stuff.
but HEY! life isn’t so bad! i’m just feeling really melodramatic right now, having pre-PMS most likely. fun stuff!!!

right when i got out of my car here, i was in much need of some nature soakage and an old man exclaimed, “i just love red heads! and one with a cute figure too!” haha,
his wife was right behind him. she didn’t mind. i guess it gets to such a point. may as well let a man enjoy the scenery.

anyway, it made me feel a little bit better. it was nice to receive an unsolicited compliment.
and now, it seems i am out of time. fun while it lasted. lots to do. can’t just sit around on the computer all day. ever. 😦

but lots is good! as usual! so thanks for listening!!!!


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