nature soakage


there are so many life events i never seem to blog.  tryna catch up, here, folks.



the last two weekends were action-packed and this one promises more of the same. bf has a show. first one of the season! i’m going as his date. i’m a little apprehensive, tho i truly ought not to be. it’s just kinda what i tend to do. i’m not a very social person.

work has been good. still a pretty good gig. it suits me. hopefully someone on the internet who has threatened to try to sabotage that for me will not try to do such a thing and if she does hopefully it will backfire on her. lame sauce, man. seriously. what would that accomplish?

i’m glad tomorrow is Friday, though. that’s always a big bonus aspect of working a job with regular weekday hours.

i’ve been doing pretty well on continuing to make healthier eating choices but not really very well on maintaining the regular exercise. it’s a lifelong effort, though. just haven’t been in the mood the past week. bf and i made this together last weekend. we shopped for all the stuff together, bbq’d it together and ate it together. that’s what it’s all about, yeah?

i love eating eggs for breakfast. i’ve been making myself two soft-boiled eggs for breakfast for a few weeks now and it really works. i feel energized and satiated for hours just from that. it’s a good feeling and easy and cheap and quick to clean up.


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