what matters?


Rest assured, if someone feels the need to tell you that what you think/feel/say doesn’t matter…. they are trying to diminish you because they feel threatened by you for some reason.

Maybe they feel like they don’t understand you or can’t relate with what you are saying, so their first response is to scoff and say it doesn’t matter.  Some people go through life expressing a “Nothing Matters!” attitude.  I stay away from those people.  They have ulterior motives.  They want to make you feel ‘less than’ because they feel less than.


this photo is from a couple of months ago.  Today, I washed that swimsuit and then donated it to Goodwill.  I’ve had it for 5 years or so and I am tired of it.

I have been donating about 13 clothing items every time I do laundry.  I am overwhelmed by my clothing collection.  I get rid of items which I have worn so many times that I really would rather not ever see them again.  Things which have specific memories of which I am ready to let go.  All still in perfectly fine condition.


this, too, is an old photo and I got rid of those shorts today, as well.  They are fine, just not really anything special.  They make me feel boring.  Not particularly flattering.  Not necessarily UN-flattering, either.  Just meh. Why feel that way when wearing clothes?  We should aim for more than “meh”.


this is the sub-notes from a class I subbed in May, I think.  I feel like substitute teaching suits me.  I like the hours.  I like that I make my own schedule (and, yes, I am able to work every day, if I so choose).  It is challenging in ways I can handle.  I really am not an ambitious person.  I just want to make it by.  Be able to get gas for my car, food to eat and watch some DVDs a few days a week.  Simple needs.  I feel, actually, that in many ways, I have more than enough of everything I need.  There are still challenges I face daily, because that is life.  One challenge after another.


I also donated this dress.  Mainly because I don’t like the color on me.  I am pink enough as it is without accentuating that!  I have worn it enough times in photos and have specific memories of it on several occasions.  I want it OUT of the rotation.  Buh-Bye!


also bye-bye to this swimsuit.  I like the front of it but not the low scooped back.  My scoliosis seems accentuated by that.  Also, I’ve seen enough of it.  Got tired of it quick.


omg, dorkiest pic ever!


this suit seems more appropriate for me.

basic black, baby!

simple and super comfortable, except it rides up my butt, which is supposed to be sexy…. i just always hate that!  That is why i never wear thongs or g-strings.


so, you can see my back has asymmetry but it isn’t accentuated.

Oh, here is one more asinine tweet from raymi from yesterday, her “friend” talking about “me”……


She has always chased younger girls online.  Couldn’t just hang out on granny recipe blogs where she belonged.  Never invited to the party, always the wallflower desperately looking in from the outside.  Story of her life.  Never young enough… cool enough… interesting enough… attractive enough…”

This tells you exactly what kind of people we are dealing with.

Truly ridiculous.

I don’t chase anyone online, first of all!  haha.

I follow and watch a WIDE variety of accounts.  I interact with them in positive ways, all.  I am an introvert, it’s true.  SO what?!  How could I never ever have been young enough?  haha.  dumb.


I am just livin’ life.  Not going around trying to make waves or bother people.









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