“i hate going to fun stuff”


Hey, I’m back.  How’s life?

I was just sitting outside the library for the past 40 minutes chatting with a guy.  It was a pleasant conversation, he was much calmer than the last time I spoke with him when he was a bit hyped up.

The conversation ended because he went to go smoke a cigarette and check his phone and I needed to come into the library to do a blog post about nothing.

I feel like I didn’t have closure.  Ha ha.  Usually that is okay, it’s just that I am pretty bored lately.


another squinty shaded eye pic.  weeee.  yesterday i went to this little lake, a man-made shallow boring lake.  the water wasn’t even cold.

it will be more fun next time i go because i will take my daughter and she will have fun swimming in the pool part.


sorry.  i did this just to be obnoxious because that is how i roll, apparently.

my apologies.


this pic is kinda nice, eh?

i dunno if all of this heading to the water for a swim stuff is sustainable for the next two whole months, tho!  entropy and all.


there is a nice smiley portrait for ya.

me me me me me



and not only that but i am boring because I really have nothing to say.

This morning, I left home and realized afterward that I had forgotten to apply deodorant to my pits.  I had some random avon roll-on deodorant in my car and put it on and i hated the smell of it so much i actually stopped at a mcdonalds just to throw the deodorant in the trash can.  Yuck! so gross.  Now i need to go home and wash that nastiness off!  Would I rather have b.o. or smell like gross perfume?  not sure.


this is from the other day when i went searching for somewhere cool to check out nature.  i found a nice spot.  it is hard to find good spots to hang out in nature where you can kinda be alone and not worry about where you parked and not have to pay to get in only to be around a bunch of other people.





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