Tasty Vox Box on Influenster

a year ago, i signed up to influenster probably because i saw someone post on instagram that they got some free samples and i thought, hey, why not.
then i basically went an entire year without paying one bit of attention to the site or the app or anything having to do with influenster.


then i noticed a few emails saying, “you’re on the short list for an upcoming voxbox” but since i rarely checked my email and didn’t have it synced to my phone, i was already too late. finally, this November, after I got a new phone, i decided i should probably go ahead and sync up my email and i actually received the notification in time to receive my very first voxbox!

The Tasty Vox Box is for foodies. Usually, Influenster voxboxes are makeup and stuff, but hey, free food is my favorite! Look at all this awesomeness! Just in time for Turkey Day. Yeah! and free!  Country Crock, Yogi Tea, Weight Watchers Smart Made Meals, Splenda, French’s Crispy Jalapenos and my favorite Frank’s Red Hot sauce!

i’ve been blogging for a long time, basically since 2003… and along the way i’ve seen many bloggers take advantage of the opportunity to try out free products in exchange for promoting them via their online presence. i never thought i’d have such an opportunity but it seems as though WOM (word-of-mouth marketing) has become more common now that pretty much everyone has an online presence.


My mom and I shared these Yogi tasty tea samples Thanksgiving morning.  Quite enjoyable.  I love how they have little tea fortunes on each bag.



This Kashi GOLean Dark Cocoa Power protein shake was really delicious. Not too sweet, I thoroughly enjoyed the smoothie I made with it, to which I added a frozen banana and some forzen blueberries plus some quinoa milk. Healthy!



I have to say, I’m not really a Splenda fan, but my mom really was glad to take these off my hands!  She is a Splenda enthusiast!



just me playing around on snapchat. i digress. (seasnail73 add me!)


influenster has lots of contests which are fun to participate in.  i even won one!! yeehaw!

still waiting for that, tho!


here is a video i made about my free country crock sample.


i must say, i’ve had way more fun than anyone probably should promoting all of these brands, but hey! if it’s fun, it’s fun!

i have become obsessed with reviewing products on the influenster app! you should try it, too and get free products to sample and review yourself! follow my link and add yourself!




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