well, hi there! long time, no see, eh?

yep. so, it’s summer, which means i have a lot of available free time. this is lovely. i am trying to use it to catch up on things i never seem to have time for when i’m working every day… even tho my job allows me to frequently be home by 3:30pm, there are other things that have to be done like bill paying, family time, laundry etc which fill up the days and then boom! so much gets left undone. various doctor’s appointments for checking up and maintaining physical health, for one thing.  visiting the doctor is rarely an efficient process…. you get fifteen minutes and maybe two issues can be addressed per visit… then referrals are made, new appointments, etc, blah… gotta be done  oh yeah and where do we fit exercise in with all of this?  sheesh.  we are all too busy. fact.



also i’ve got a trip planned to fly back to missouri to visit my son and his family. that’s great to look forward to.  planning travel isn’t always a breeze either due coordinating to everyone’s schedules with trips to and from the airport– things like that…  life is full of negotiations.



stuck this lime water in the freezer in a styrofoam cup and when i took it out the cup had burst from the water expansion during ice formation so i peeled the styrofoam off, et voila! cool, eh? literally.



so, dudes…. one of my theories (which these days everyone’s thoughts belong to everyone, it seems) is that smart phones have been developed to control and limit human interaction… nobody likes to talk irl, face to face or even on the phone anymore… we all want all of our shit to be via the screen, typing, etc… and that takes a way a lot of the valuable aspects of social/human interaction such as facial micro-expressions, voice intonations, movement, spontaneity, etc.  one of the deterrents to talking on the phone is how it heats up your phone, makes your ear sweat, bad connections make people’s words get cut out/off and it all seems rather a nuisance.   and then when you are talking on your smartphone you can’t also be looking at it so it prevents us from the constant ADHD multi-tasking which also prevents us from one of humanity’s main defining traits which is SPECIALIZATION.  it’s all a conspiracy, bro   look out!



had a great camping trip on my birthday (43) and have been making an effort to get out to the river often… i live within walking distance and feel guilty for being a hermit.  for a while there the 100 degree temps every day kept me from venturing out much but we’re in more humane heat range this week.  whew


this was a tasty treat which i will never again eat.

just had to try it but that stuff is pure poison, i’m sure….. gnome sayin’?


a snapchat lens.

this really doesn’t look like me at all. it reminds me of a few people, tho… some famous, some not… and speaking of conspiracies…. the snapchat thing is just a way to monitor and catalogue people too. facial recognition, location surveillance, all of it big brother and scary af.  i’m aware of it



i’ve also been dealing with a whole bunch of gaslighting b.s. on twitter mostly from long-term frenemy-enemy troll-face-heads.  ugh-sicles.

they try to twist it around to make it seem like i am the perpetrator and it’s all so totally nutso and sickening.

well we will have to do this again soon but i gotta motor!

catch ya lates, brozowskis








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