jolly holiday

so… here i am, sitting in my livingroom. thought you might like to see it.

been sitting around in my living room a lot lately, what with my being on vacation and all.

too much time on my hands.

playing video games such as cooking fever and looking way too much at the internet… some cooking, some cleaning, some bonding with my doggie. yes, i still have halloween decorations up. i do that.  i like those scaredy cats.


here, i did up my eyes.  not bad, eh? time for a glamour shot then.

today, i will paint my nails midnight blue for the new years theme. also i will eat the rest of my ravioli and then do something with some chicken breasts. marinate them in lemon and cayenne and garlic, yeah, that’s it.


blurry arty shot.  i like it.

so… how was your christmas? mine kinda sucked? i guess i celebrated early and then skipped the real deal which isn’t really real anyway, so c’est la vie.  commercialism materialism pressure stress insanity… i just do whatever i end up doing and accept it at that.  still enjoy myself.  even if i’m miserable for moments.


this pic is too purplish pink.  i was subbing for a bike repair class. it was oddly somewhat stressful. last day before vacation.


fun with laundry times fam.


sometimes i clean up after people instead of making them do it.  seems easier?  it’s the motherly instinct.


i don’t like this shirt anymore.  it needs to be belted  but i don’t want to belt it.  poofs out on my belly like a preggo.

is this all of my pics?

check my twitter or instagram.


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