i’m a model, you know what i mean?

okay well since my last blog post things have been happening I never did go to that show that I was worrying about and now there’s another one coming up this Saturday

I’m hoping for the best. at least this time it’s going to be in a situation that isn’t a meat market-y dance club type bar thing. this time it’s going to be outdoors at some kind of shopping mall event of some sort and it’ll be during the day, which is nice. –in Santa Rosa, California– so pretty much the Bay Area wine country and hopefully we’ll go have a nice meal and maybe do some wine tasting afterward, who knows? I have a pretty good feeling about it.

it’ll be nice to get out of town and just do something a little bit different. will be leaving at 6 a.m. on Saturday which is crazy but also good. I’m a morning person so it works for me.

It’s weird being forty-something! i feel so old! I want to feel younger but that requires me doing stuff about it and i feel too old to! Like, having energy!

This hot weather could go away, that would help. It drains me. also the area where I live is beginning to have too many people and traffic going anywhere is a nightmare, parking lots are a nightmare, lines in stores are a nightmare and it makes me always just want to go straight home after work because stopping anywhere is a major inconvenience.

I do the best I can.

so now I’m home from work sitting in my apartment and I really don’t want to go anywhere because traffic is hellacious right now and it will be for like the next three hours… my body is exhausted by the end of a school day of me standing up. some classes are worse than others because the kids, as soon as you sit down- they immediately get off task, so that means you have to spend the whole day just walking around the room

so I’ll probably just watch a couple episodes of The Waltons until my boyfriend gets off work and comes over to visit for a couple of hours.


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