all day and all night

It’s saturday, once again.
I wake up and it’s already time to surrender. Choices constantly present themselves. How will i spend the next 3.5 hours before heading over to watch one of bf’s bands rehearse for their show tomorrow!

I’m nervous because I am an introvert, so i normally would avoid being in social situations… They are never preferred for me.

The best way for me to get thru and around that is to be a documentarian. Take pics and maybe a couple vids. They usually rehearse for 3 hours. That’s a long frickin time. I’m considering going in my own car in case i feel the need to leave. Hate feeling stuck somewhere.

So, first i guess coffee is in order, right? And im gonna curl my hair this morning. Haven’t really done that in a while. Never have been able to locate my curlers, i’ve looked everywhere. So i’ll have to use the hot iron.

I am also invited to the gig tomorrow, about which my feelings are mixed, as well. I am truly not a party person. I’ve tried lying to myself about being one, but i am a loner. Crowds? Not my thing. Especially not this kind of crowd. Sigh.

But WOOHOO! I’m excited!!
😆 If by excitement you mean nervous, apprehensive dread. 😯 If it were a concert-in-the-park, i’d be less apprehensive. This place is more like a weird sort of bar where kids are somehow allowed because it pretends to be a restaurant kinda thing. To me it’s a thinly veiled meat market for middle-aged swingers. 😀

Bf’s band is the opening act, and after the probably three hours of that, he says he is interested in sticking around to check out the main act. Ughhhh. Torture for me. I’m sorry to be negative but it’s stuff like this that makes me question the prospect for longevity in our pairing. I want to be supportive… But… I literally have zero interest in the venue, the people there or the main act whatsoever. It wont be like a date, believe me. Uh-oh. Ha.



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