where does time go? i don’t know.

i don’t have time to do blog posts. well, i do, but i don’t. it’s really just not convenient. and my blogging is just complaining about blogging.

i’m trying to be more positive and less negative in my life.
look at the bright side.
i’m not dead, yet.
may as well make the most of things.

i definitely struggle against the negative thoughts, tho, that’s for sure. recently lost a good friend and people are also dropping like flies, too, it seems like.

this coming weekend could be really good if i am able to keep it together.
it is what it is, tho, even tho i hate that saying.
i can either hack it, or i can’t.
why put so much pressure on myself?
how about i just let myself be a loser, failure?

i’m brave tho because despite my negative feelings and thoughts, i keep going. i don’t give up. and even tho lots of stuff i do to try to solve my problems seems to end up not solving anything or leading anywhere except to more problems…. i can’t give up. it’s just not an option.

so lately i have been watching dvds of the dalai lama giving teachings because i need the help, big time. and it does help.

car troubles, man troubles, getting old troubles… family troubles. all of the troubles. i am no expert at fixing them. maybe an expert at making them, tho.

and tomorrow is friday already?

good thing i am not the one in charge of this universe.
boy, i sure hope not, anyway!

i’ve been back to continuing to try to make healthy choices. gotta take care of myself. even when i am trying hard, it seems like i am not trying at all because the results are not so great. i blame fukushima.

i still have another blog post waiting in the queueueueueueu.


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