hi there do you ever just not check your mail because you don’t want to? mine is, I have to walk over to get it– its not like, on my way to get going inside of my house. so sometimes I just don’t check my snqil mail for, like, a week and sometimes I regret that because there will be urgent things in my mailbox. it’s just Murphy’s Law though that if you check it everyday there’s going to be nothing in there but junk mail.


oh yeah, so I found out the other day that my uncle died. he just died the other day. it was supposedly not expected but the circumstances do have a bit of drama to them. I’m not super sad about it although it did bring up some other unresolved grief I have from past losses that’s just the way grief works, I think. I don’t know how soon the funeral will be. probably in a couple days, I’m guessing. I think they said they’re going to cremate him. I’m not even sure if there’s going to be a service.

this week the area weather is going to be in the triple digits- a hundred and five degrees. Ughzors. I probably won’t be going out a lot during the heat of the day. I could go swimming in the pool but I don’t know sometimes I just don’t feel the vibe for that. we’ll see.

I’ve been going through a phase of watching Little House on the Prairie and remembering how I used to always really dislike Nellie but now I think she’s very interesting and I looked on Instagram and found a bunch of pictures of Nellie and then I followed the lady who played her and she followed me back on Instagram!! whoop whoop! sorry for the mass of the run on sentence but blogging on my phone that’s the way it goes.

things went well at boyfriends nephews birthday party family get together his sister made kabobs and they were delicious and there was broccoli salad and pudding pie for dessert I ate way too much and was totally bloated and tired afterward


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