like a gho-o-ost, they haunt me…

happy Sunday to you. oh yeah the lyrics in the title that song is an earworm. you know what that is? that’s where it gets stuck in your head and will not go away for days and days no matter if you really like it or don’t like it. I really believe that they make those that way on purpose: however, it could be also that I have OCD.

so these pictures are all old news.. if you ever look at my ello , you will have seen them, if you ever look at my Twitter you will have seen them

only a couple more weeks left until I go back to work. summer vacation will soon be no more. all good things come to an end, now don’t they? Such is life.

of course working won’t be so bad either I guess I don’t know I do enjoy having all of the free time.

I got a movie at the library called big bad wolf and I thought it was a Quentin Tarantino movie but, no.. Tarantino just said it was “the best film of the year” but it’s too violent. I just don’t want to see violence. I don’t understand why people can even get away with making movies like that it’s completely psychopathic.

I don't know man this is kind of like a sucky Sunday and I don't really know what I think right now but I'm bored and annoyed and my peruid is probably going to start so yay.


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