go west! paradise is there

Hidy ho neighbor welcome back thank you for joining us for another episode of a weekend in the life of me! shall we begin?

I drove my car about 4 hours each way to go up to a ranch with lots of horses n chickens n rabbits. S.O. came with. it was a very important trip it meant a lot to me and it was fun but also it did require energy which for the past couple of days I have been recouping.

I used to live up in that area for about 5 years it was almost 10 years ago time is a crazy thing 5 to 10 years is nothing once you’re my age I’m an old grandma. there are more things I would have liked to have revisited areas up there but its just not enough time two days I need like a week.

I could go do it all by myself but I don’t know I’m just not really down for that I guess? I could probably do it. I’ve actually spent a ton of time in my life traveling by myself, though. it’s not like I’ve never done it before.

right now I’m sitting around rewatching the second season of Game of Thrones because I didn’t realize when I checked it out at the library that I’ve already watched it. I don’t really care though because I don’t mind having it on as background.

today I bonked my head pretty hard. harder than I have in a long, long time; and, it was not fun at all– but it seems like the coast is clear. I have no blurry vision, no nausea… so… I’m not dizzy

I put frozen blueberries in a ziplock bag on my head for 20 minutes and then waited an hour and did it again. the reason it happened is I was looking all over my house for my curlers I cannot find them because my hair has not been long enough really to use them for many months probably since December I think is when I cut my hair maybe November. from now on it’s just going to grow. I always want to have long hair and the only reason I cut it is in times when I’m very frustrated with some aspect of my life. sort of like an ‘off with their heads’ type thing

so this coming weekend on Saturday is my boyfriends nephews birthday party so I will be accompanying him to a family-oriented event and Sunday evening he’s busy so maybe I’m hoping we can try to go to a fair on Sunday because I really love going to the fair and pretty soon they’re all going to be over.


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