good day

hi. so i am on vacation and it is kinda tough to stay focused and disciplined. have i mentioned that? too much time on my hands. too much time sitting in my apartment going stir crazy. i can only use the computer at the library and after one hour my back hurts so much i can’t stand it anymore. i guess today i will work on the dishes again. never ends.

i HAVE accomplished quite a bit, but there’s always more it seems, doesn’t it?
i got some car repairs taken care of, but there are more.
my car situation is finally improving a lot, tho. some stuff i’d been postponing for aaaages.
now, i’m following thru on all of the medical crap that must be done. who has time for this when they’re working? i’ve mentioned this before. i’m pretty much a broken record. it happens as you get older.

one thing i’ve been having trouble with is following thru on the weight training. mainly i want to work the glutes and the arms. increase muscle mass so as to increase metabolism. a little bit each day, that’s all it takes!! just have to incorporate it in! i spend so much time just kind of zoning out or daydreaming. worrying about what needs to be done.

is the weekend here yet!? haha.

this is what someone looks like who is forcing herself to do productive things in the morning instead of wallowing around in self-pity. cool story?

getting back x-rays


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