my boyfriend and I are celebrating one year this weekend. we actually met a little sooner than the 4th of July but it was actually like the best first date and when we really saw the potential of our pairing

there have been some struggles of course when aren’t their struggles in life of one form or another right?
I think the first year of any relationship is kind of like the getting to know you period. And you can’t really say that you’re a true couple before that, if you ask me. You can say it and you might know it; but, I just think that you gotta wait that full year to see if it’s really going to be something that lasts

I feel like we’re just now getting to that point and it feels great and I honestly would like to be able to stay with him for the rest of our lives I really would… And I know what that can entail because the last half of life isn’t always the easiest. There are health problems or financial situations that come up– you know all kinds of stuff. it’s not just like the first half of life where you’re partying it up all the time

his grandparents are still together and they help each other out through thick and thin and all types of situations and its a daily effort that’s made… but its a rewarding one
the longest running relationship in my living family now is my aunt and uncle on my dads side my dad’s sister and her husband have been together forever and they’ve never neither one of them has ever been with anyone else


. Anyway I’m feeling good about this weekend we’re going to BBQ up some ribs I’m going to get them marinating today I’m doing laundry today yesterday I cleaned my shower like majorly it was a really thorough cleaning it still looks terrible because it’s an old bathtub that needs to be replaced but its clean

since I’m on semi paid vacation which is completely awesome I have been doing as many chores and errands and doctors appointments and everything else that I can do…. all that stuff that you can’t do when you have a full time job because by the time you’re done your business day is over and you’re exhausted you know?

its been around a hundred and seven degrees for a couple of days and you don’t really want to do anything after noon, it’s like “I’m not going anywhere” you just want to stay in by the air conditioning. I have a crappy little wall unit air conditioner and I have to leave it on all day and half of the night just to keep my apartment at a decent temperature. I live upstairs so that adds to the situation

anyway that’s pretty much all I have for now but hopefully I’ll be taking some great pics this weekend and have much to report to you come Monday or Tuesday. Have a great one!


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