cabin fever

ok friend hi there how are you? Let’s do this. As you may have surmised I went away to a cabin for a week… With my mom my step dad my daughter and myself… That’s redundant, I know. okay whatever bear with me.

so unfortunately my daughter happened to be sick this week as the week that we were going to the cabin she had a cough the whole entire time she had a fever and she slept most of the time she had no appetite and no desire to do anything fun… And for some reason my mom didn’t understand why this would bother me. I tried to just roll with it go with the flow keep a positive attitude but it was annoying and frustrating because the whole reason we went there was to have fun and have a good time and it seems like we were just stuck there being bored and not being able to do anything

does that make me spoiled? That’s what she called me when I said I thought we should just go home. all my mom wanted to do was read books and take naps all day long wearing her pajamas she never wanted to go for any walks or get out in the water or do anything and that’s kind of depressing.

some good times were had I made the best of it we ate a good meal or two actually there was more food than we needed, at all. #firstworldproblems

anyway my mom and I just come from completely different places as far as how we see the world and how we live in it and its always been that way. Once, she asked me where did I come from because I was nothing like her it seemed.

my dad didn’t raise me I only lived with him for a few years at the beginning of my life, but; I was a lot like him anyway even though he didn’t have daily influence on me. Its weird how that works.

anyway even though sometimes things don’t go the way you had hoped or the way you had imagined but that doesn’t mean that all is lost and still something does come out of it always

anyway one of the things you should know if you don’t by now is that the way things look on social media is not always the way they actually are in real life. Real life is almost always a pain in the ass… That’s my world view and I’m sticking to it I know some people who are like constantly positive about everything and I just don’t buy into that. Good for you though if you’re lucky enough to be able to think that everything is marvelous all the time.




so anyway I made some gluten free lasagna for my boyfriend today and it looks like it’s going to be pretty delicious and that’s pretty cool. We should have a pretty nice weekend relaxing together we might go to the drive in tomorrow night, maybe have a little barbecue, get a little bit of Sun. ❤


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