I’m not allowed to get mad at my boyfriend at all this week because my birthday camping weekend must not be ruined. Just saying.

I am totally addicted to my fake nails now and actually I’m starting to notice that it’s like an acceptable trend… when, you know, it goes through waves, but; it used to be that fake nails were really tacky but no …now cool chicks wear them

at first when I started wearing these fake french nails they seemed too stark but then I cut them a little bit and filed them a little bit and then put two layers of glitter nail polish on then and now their perfs

I’m watching cats right now and let me just say that it’s extremely strange. I think that I will declare that I am no longer a human but a cat and everyone must accept that about me and honor it. Kidding not kidding.

cats rule this planet anyway. well, the internet at least.

but yeah in case you were wondering I have no comment on this whole Jenner family debacle I don’t care about any of it any of them I don’t want to see it I don’t want to know about it. When I was a kid in the late seventies he was just a tennis player or something. The only reason I bring it up is probably because Bruce Jenner watched Cats too many times and it messed with his head. And also who wouldn’t go crazy living around all those Kardashian women? ( not talking about it )

I think we should all just either worry about our daily lives like doing laundry doing dishes taking care of our kids or worry about things that really matter like how a lot of people on this planet don’t have flushing toilets…. Or the whole Gyre problem and the robot thing

if everyone’s talking about it– it’s probably boring and stupid… That’s my rule of thumb.

I made the most delicious beef roast the other day I just cook it on the stove at the lowest possible temperature for a couple few hours and you just put red wine in there nothing else it’s amazing

I had a nice time at the backyard barbecue with my boyfriend’s family yesterday~ I only got snippy one time’ this I consider a success.

but I definitely over ate this weekend– you know week before your period or whatever its hormones if you don’t believe in hormones I don’t know what to tell you because they’re real




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