do you need your time extended?

at least i have decent legs, i guess. and my hair is growing out and my bangs are grown out and i have a slightly decent amount of a tan.  at least that. no makeup on in this pic.  i get lazy about the makeup when i have to get up at 6 AM and be to work often by 7:30 AM.  at this particular point in time i only have five days of work left until summer break.  not exactly sure what will happen then, but a change will be nice.

also cool is that i live a ten minute walk from a beautiful river and cliffs and trees and bike trails and shops and restaurants. i don’t often get a chance to take advantage of it, but… even when i do have more time (like last year) i still didn’t get out in it enough.

i’ve been so grumpy today. from the get-go. i get tired of driving in all the area traffic day in and day out. ppl drive like butt heads and there are just too many of them and i don’t enjoy driving in the first place. never have.

this was before i glued little hello kitty style bows on my big toes.
the weather is so weird lately. in the morning it is all cold and gloomy out and windy and then in the afternoon it is hot af. you need a complete change of clothes for when you get off work.

i’ve been trying to tan my middle. it never sees the light of day, only in my boyfriend’s backyard. so i’ve been putting 50 spf on my arms and legs and chest, and then doing small spurts of sun with shade breaks in between for my middle. i’m not very happy with my current physical condition… people def say i look great for my age and much younger, etc… but i just want my mid-section to look like gwyneth paltrow’s does. of course, she has lots of like money and can go to yoga all day and drink fancy waters and special organic bean sprouts or what-not.

this chicken is almost gone now. made it last friday. i have one piece of it left. i accidentally forgot my lunch box in the breakroom at work today. i might not be going back to that site any time soon, so i might just have to let it go and call it a loss and move forward with my life. the main thing is the lunchbox was a good size and my favorite ice-y pack thing was in there. 😦 won’t be too hard to replace, tho. i’ll survive maybe.

gluten free toast. sorry it’s a blurry pic. a breakfast i made for bf last saturday morning. i have so many dishes to do and laundry and blehhhh. it never ends!!!! it really doesn’t. and i am always exhausted, i think it has a lot to do with my scoliosis… not an excuse, i’m serious.

and there he is photo-bombing my timed selfie. he’s fun and funny and sweet. that’s his work outfit. i think this was thursday night, yeah… we had fun walking around.

we were drinking grape juice. mhm. it was a little fermented, i think. 😉

i have some pretty bad sun damage on my upper chest. 😦

the wind was actually blowing my dress here. how convenient.

so yeah. i don’t really have anything earth-shattering to reveal. just doin’ the day-in/day-out thing. trying to stay responsible and squeeze some fun in here and there. rest and solitude are also necessary. family obligations. phewf.

100_1153 100_1157
i put his shirt on in the morning so i could make some breakfast. it was a chilly morning. i made gluten free crepes.

we are SOOOO looking forward to going camping for my birthday weekend after next. june 6 and 7. the grind has been getting to us both. both of our jobs entail a great deal of managing other people’s behavior for them because they can’t or won’t manage it for themselves. it gets tiresome.


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