crowd management

one of the hardest things about having a blog is not being able to write what you really want to write you can’t say what you really think because there’s someone out there who’s going to try and take it and twist it around and turn it against you which is ridiculous

today was my mom’s birthday so I sent her some flowers which was ridiculously expensive but I had to do it because I didn’t get her anything for mothers day while she was traveling at the time and her anniversary well she was also still traveling at that time so its the least I could do for the 3 holiday month.

and now a three day weekend is upon us with Memorial Day and I would love to have been able to go camping but I’m not sure if that’s going to be able to happen because we didn’t really make plans for it… It just so happens that the time you want to go camping is also the time that everybody wants to go camping and that makes it much more difficult to do..

who has time to plan things, right? I need a vacation to plan my vacation and a plan to recover from my vacation

eventually we supposedly get to retire and that’s when we get to do all the fun stuff but by then we’re too old to have the energy and zest for life to do it or maybe I’m wrong but it still seems screwed up

one thing is we should be happy with what we have like we could hang out at my boyfriend’s back yard or right around where I live and it would be just as cool and interesting and fun and you don’t have to go driving 2 hours to get there

he’s on his way over right now and for instance it’s Friday night and we’re both sleepy its been a long day got up early this morning stayed up kind of late last night getting ready for the weekend, right? and now we’re tired on Friday night can’t win for losing

I got a good deal on some chicken breasts at the grocery store today. looking forward to grilling those up.

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trying to squeeze a blog post in before he gets here I just never have the time and…

Oops, he’s here.
More blog material to come.


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  1. p a

    Nobody is perfect. Do people harm you? Of course. I’m sure you inflict equal harm. That is the nature of living.

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