mandated happiness for all!

Life sure has its ups and downs, doesn’t it? phewf!
but i guess that’s what good about it. you just never know.
so i’m told i look uber hot in this photo.
it’s just one pic. i looked hideous in the other fifteen i took in this same ten minute span of time. haha. if at first you don’t succeed….
fake it til ya make it. that’s my motto!
at least this pic gives me hope that if i try just a little bit harder to get into shape, it might be possible. i’ve often thought how horribly hopeless it must feel to someone who is like a hundred pounds overweight. because no matter how hard you try, you can never stop because if you do… it’s so EASY to go back to being a blob.

there is hope. these pics give me hope. i won’t show you the ones that hurl me into a sinking pit of despair! haha. they aren’t that bad, tho. i just don’t like certain angles and lightings. yeah, that’s it. but my true goal is strength training more than anything. you build big butt muscles and arm muscles and thigh muscles and you can eat more food! which is my true joy in life.

i have that one dot of cellulite which i have had since i was 18. i was mortified the first time i saw it in a photo. and that swimsuit is a size 8 which is ridiculous. i do not wear a size 8. it’s actually small but it’s not uncomfortable. normally i wear XL or 12. full disclosure. anyway, next time you see me in a swimsuit, it won’t be this one. this one is played out. 🙂 it has boring mom-butt, anyhow.

last weekend, bf took me out to breakfast. we like this little diner because it has lots of old peeps to people watch. but we can’t eat there anymore because they use grill shortening (which most diners do) and bf is allergic to it because it has wheat in it. stupid wheat. it’s everywhere. anyway, the food is nothing to write home about as you can see in this blurry pic.

this was an afternoon when we went on a stroll by the river. i told bf that normally i don’t go out dressed like this (no bra, short cotton shorts) because i am too sexy and people can’t handle it. he kept teasing me about that. it is/was funny and is now one of the jokes in his repertoire. he wants to do stand up. i think that is a great idea.



One comment

  1. Bruce Johnson

    Just a few thoughts here. The best way to get the sexy mom imagery, is to always try and point the toe, makes the leg look longer, full frontal is usually not the best, try twisting the body to high-light the curves you have. Eye contact is always the most important With that in mind, the image of you holding on to the post is probably the best one.

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