thursday thru n thru

Hello haters,
today was a really good day!
i got enough sleep last night, for a change. my cold is gone, finally and it was an easy fun day at work with free lunch! wish every day could be like that!

right now I’m going to paint my toenails I think I’ll do a coppertoe. “briny breeze bronze” it’s called. maybe I’ll do my fingernails, too. It’s a nice dense solid metallic and kind of matches my hair

okay, that saved as a gif accidentally. oh well. i guess it works.

capital today, at the store I bought eggs, avocados, buttermilk and wine. all the Staples right?

well, teacher appreciation week is nearly over tomorrow. Parentheses TGIF parentheses fun living in the reflected glory while it lasted…

soon it will be summer vacation. S whole different can of worms. I’m really looking forward to camping and backpacking. need to start getting equipment. Cooking breakfast over a morning campfire, hot coals left also from the night before. I’m always an early riser. I’m up with the sun on no matter what. & I don’t like naps, but I’ll take a power nap out of necessity with my alarm set.

life can be as rich as you allow it to be.

today was a decent day everything went well it was easy I wasn’t bored or maybe just for a tiny bit but mostly no I was not bored and it was just a delight all around I wish everyday could be like that.

I found this on the fence of the theater near my house when I was on a walk. pretty cool, eh?

my boyfriend is a musician and he’s like the best kind in a lot of ways because he really does it because he values have to seeing and doing his best and memorization and repetition and he doesn’t give up and that’s really cool and everything but sometimes it gets on my nerves because he is very dedicated and busy when I don’t want him to be busy and I do not have that same dedication in my life. I have created a DD and even though I’m trying I want to do creative stuff I don’t have the discipline that he has same thing goes with physical activity I don’t have the discipline that other people have what it takes to make you be successful. I’ve always lacked ambition and motivation

I’ve been having cool dreams lately very interesting dreams and I attributed it to getting a good amount of sleep which is extremely important
it’s also very very important to make sure that you’re well hydrated which is not always easy to do because we live extremely busy lives with very little free time to even think for ourselves for 5 minutes

the joy of starting my period will soon be upon us. Well, it’s either that or menopause.

today was rainy and mild in temperature and easy and fun and good and I’m happy thank you the end talk to you soon ttyl bye bye


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