inside and out

long time no blog.
it’s finally friday, tho. yay! yippee!
i’ve got stuff to do now!
but i’m making the time to write a blogpost for all my non-readers out there! because nobody wants to do puzzles with me. wahhhhhh.

whatever. it is what it is, right? that’s what they say.
so yeah. if you follow my twitter @omnamaste you can see the recent continuance of the never-ending internet battle saga which goes on
between me and some other person who shall not be named. we have an anonymous battle.

she says i am a slut-shaming hag and a prude. that’s not true. it really isn’t. i am not someone who thinks sexuality is bad or wrong. i just think there is appropriate/good judgment and then bad/inappropriate. there has to be some kind of boundaries, privacy… personalization, etc. i don’t want my mom and my son looking at me naked. i mean. maybe if like a famous artist painted a nude portrait of me, then maybe that would be more comfy for me to deal with but…

i dunno. i have opinions. i have thoughts of my own. i express them. i am definitely not attacking anyone. i am being attacked. that is for sure, tho! the stuff this person says about me is just wrong. totally inaccurate lies and bullshiznit.

she has always mis-characterized me and mistreated me and i have not deserved it. i’m not perfect. my body isn’t perfect. i am not ‘shaming’ anyone. we all have a right to our own self expression and self exploration… but i am being accused have lacking compassion because this person says she is going thru a massive family crisis and trying to deal with it by i guess posting naked pics of herself on her twitter account? i don’t get it but to me i don’t see her audience perceiving it as art. i see a bunch of dudes drooling and saying ‘more more more’ which to me equals porn.

i guess i just feel like this person has more to offer and is cheapening herself. so now, i am doing it too!. no, actually, i am showing that you can show pics of yourself that are maybe less clothed but are not intended to arouse anyone. i am not looking for men to drool on me. no thank you.


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