when you assume…

hi. do i look like a grumpy soccer mom? sometimes i forget about smiling when i am taking photos. especially when i can’t see myself, like here where i was using auto timer on my camera.

wow, it’s amazing that two of my days off are already over! so many things i want to do all at once and sometimes i just spin my wheels, ya know? but i have accomplished a few things.

last weekend, bf and i went for a little drive to Jackson, California. fun little place. it was pretty impromptu, so we only had a small lunch and looked around a haunted hotel.

i have been getting the WORST allergy sneezing attacks in the middle of the night. it is NOT fun! i still have some allergies during the day but NOTHING like how they are at night. i will wash all my bedding today. it’s probably due to leaving my window open and having massive amounts of pollen all over my room.

i’ve been eating a lot healthier every day now for months and it’s helping… slowly but surely. people tell me i look great all the time. it’s such a slow change tho and i sorta lack a stable self-concept… i literally forget a lot what i look like and sometimes i just can’t tell. can you? can you tell what you look like? it’s weird.

we re-visited our shared enjoyment of old cemeteries. love to walk around them and think and chat. some people might think that is disrespectful, but it’s not.

here’s an unedited one. none of them turned out ‘perfectly’ as to how i was imagining it. ya take what ya can get sometimes.

whimsical, isn’t it? love it.

i dropped hints that i’d like to stay here on/for my birthday, which isn’t ’til June, mind you… but plans are already starting. i’ll be 42? wowsas. time FLIES, LET me tell ya. it’s no joke. no april fools, that.

i HAVE been slowly but surely also doing some exercising. i have ADD so it is hard for me to stay focused on anything at all, seriously. but i figured out that doing squats while resting my back on an exercise ball on the wall works really well to avoid back strain. i can do those til my legs won’t let me anymore. and i have ten pound free weights where i do a few different arm reps to exhaustion as well. one of the best ways to stay inspired is instagram accounts which focus on lifting and eating clean. yeah! it’s not about being thin, it’s about being VITAL and healthy. my bf mentions how great i am looking regularly now. i LOVE that. great motivator.

and yes, being in love, which i am and have been, has been great for me. i mean, i’m really crazy about him! it doesn’t go away. he doesn’t annoy me. everything he is and does is amazing to me and it’s getting better! oh yeah! dream come true. i think it’s gonna keep on getting better, too!

well, this is just a check-in. i’m still trying to sort out how to get online with this new notebook i got from my lil sis. tried it at the library and hit a snag. gonna see if some other wifi source will be more amenable. ttyl!!


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