eventually eventful


spring has sprung! it’s Saturday and the first day of my 9-day sabbatical of Spring Break! sometime probably today i will receive my little sister’s notebook (free after i donated to her vegas partying fund, haha) and this spring break is gonna be all about being documented on the computer in free wifi hotspot cafes. haha. but TODAY i’ve got my sites set on backyard shenanigans with the bf. yeah baby. barbecuing, maybe i will mow his lawn. haha. not that lawn, did that last weekend. jk. not really jk.

last night he took me out for a celebration dinner for a promotion he just got at work. i’m happy about it. he will have a more regular/predictable schedule so i won’t be as annoyed about not ever knowing when he starts, when he finishes, when his lunch and breaks are, etc. i have a lot of free time with my job, my schedule is basically pretty clear and i’m off early so i have downtime is all i’m saying.

had him take this pic of me last night. he isn’t used to it/my camera. only took one shot. this was it. oh well. whatevah! it was nice of him to oblige. it’s aight. every moment is unique and special.

so yeah, there’s this hoppin’ little mexican restaurant within leisurely walking distance of my apt.. actually many cool places very close. it’s like i live in a mini-hidden resort town, it’s so cool. i can go on vacation just by walking out my front door. a lot of times i don’t take advantage of it because i sometimes go into hermit mode, but it’s much better to go out-of-doors, you know.

i had the ceviche. it’s on the menu as an appetizer, but it’s perfect as a meal. our waitress was quite blase and did not seem concerned about us at all. we had to ASK for silverware. and she didn’t even act apologetic about that. whatever. she did blandly say, “thank you for your patience” a couple of times when she quite obviously was lollygagging about being bored. whatever. i didn’t care at all. was perfectly content, but bf was starving and also has special dietary concerns. she was clearly phoning it in last night. jus saying. luckily for her i didn’t have my phone with me or i might’ve yelped about her. haha. but i still could, if i got bored enough. it might happen.

anyway, if you’re reading this, i hope you have a great weekend. i’m going to! just relax and enjoy life as it comes…. no big specific plans. come what may. let’s play!


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