takes one to know one

Hate to say it but this predestination movie with Ethan Hawke is ruined by the fact that really it’s only about that chick who is a man now and I don’t really like that it’s like part of that whole Androgeny agenda that Hollywood has. No thank you. I have better things to do. that’s so 1994.


After this long weekend I’m pretty burnt out on social media right now so blogging is now my last resort.

My apartment is cleaner than its been in months, All my food for this week’s lunches is ready to go. I’m starting to get ready for summer. Although it already feels like summer here in California it’s spring late spring weather.

I could stand to do a load of laundry but everytime I go to the store I always forget to get cash back so I can have some quarters.

Everything that happens is for the best ultimately you know it I know it we all know it that’s just the way it is and otherwise if its for the worst what are you going to do about it?


Any time you attempt to make positive changes in your life I think that’s a good thing.

The older I get the more I know who I am and maybe the less I Know Who I am but also the less it matters what you think about who I am. And if you let it bother you that I have an opinion about you I’m sorry…. I have as much all right to my opinion as you do to yours.

I feel okay I feel good my life is fine I have hope for the future I have goals I have things I like and enjoy and I’m doing my best I hope the same for you


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