I know you’re waiting…

IMG_20150210_100441You Want me to blog you’re just sitting there checking my blog all day you are right I only had one hit today.

I’m sitting here right now watching a Stephen Hawking documentary. Its talking about black holes maybe each one of us is a black hole, eh?

I think so many crazy thoughts deep thoughts whatever thoughts but I could never possibly record them all and in the end it’s all just chatter and don’t we all have enough chatter in our own minds let alone reading or listening to someone else’s child her but I don’t know maybe sometimes that can be distracting toO. As in distract you from your own mental insanity for a few minutes By getting a glimpse into someone else’s insanity.

Human awareness with the aid of technology is advancing at an unsuperseded pace and we can’t even keep up with it ourselves our social relationships have all been changed when do you not see you someone staring into their cell phone if you go round and see people not staring into their cell phone you’ll think it’s weird. I’m just talking into my phone right now because it’s a lot easier and I don’t have a computer in my apartment and I have to go to the library to use a computer and that’s a pain in the ass cuz when I’m there I just can’t think and it’s too weird and I don’t know but yeah.

Cant really call that writing. Its talking.It’s just such a pain in the butt dealing with typos and autocorrect. Forget about it.

b48b426d-8cd9-4085-ba18-fe37a7c7f4adMmm. Anyway I just involves a lot of sustained attention and concentration and like I have a DD so it’s really hard for me to stay focused on this crap on my phone you know what I mean?

But if I pretend like I’m having a phone conversation with someone that I would like to talk to you which pretty much doesn’t exist unless I could have my dad back but he’s not alive anymore…. Ok sorry that’s depressing but no really a lot of the people that I would want to talk to you are actually dead and maybe that’s cool like I could pretend like I’m talking to them and see what happens right?

I don’t even know what pictures I have or haven’t posted and I don’t even know its like I can’t even really check because this is a total PITA. I seriously to spend all of my computer time reading about conspiracies pretty much.

All my life I was a big journaler I always wanted to write I have even like a perma callus on my knuckle because of it but now I just feel like it’s all mental masturbation

Ok now my voice recorder on my phone is acting up and not wanting to say what I’m saying.


One comment

  1. lotus07

    I like to think that a lot people have thoughts like these. How did we live and act 40 years ago? How will act in 40 more. It is all transition that most are to busy to see.

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