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took my daughter for frozen yogurt the other day. frozen yogurt really does nothing for me it’s just not my thing. To me it all basically tastes the same like vanilla soft serve no matter what the flavor is. I got salted caramel pretzel and it didn’t taste like that at all. And $6 for these two servings of ice cream is ridiculous when you can go buy an entire gallon of ice cream at the grocery store for that price. #cheap #oldlady

most of the time I’m disappointed with restaurant experiences I’m not interested in socializing with or placating waiters and waitresses I’m just not into it I would much rather buy my own food to cook it myself and eat it at home. Spending money at restaurants is overrated.

a few days this week I have a late start and I’m just working a half day and I always think I’m going to get a bunch of stuff done in those extra four hours I have in the morning nope I don’t get anything done at all I sit around and look at my phone and have coffee and waste the time. Its shameful. I need to call my mom. I know I’ll do a blog post on my phone instead and it’s a total pain in the butt.

January has definitely been the month for visiting with family so far every weekend including this coming weekend it’s like you need to do it and it’s rewarding but it’s also very exhausting, you know? and drains your energy.
my boyfriend is not someone who watches movies and TV shows and he hasn’t seen, like… anything. yesterday I showed him What’s Eating Gilbert Grape and he liked it a lot. Johnny Depp is very nineties in that movie like grunge and stuff. I remember when it first came out I guess I wasn’t very smart because I thought that Leonardo DiCaprio was really retarded (sorry, “differently abled”) even though I knew who he was from Growing Pains so that doesn’t make any sense.

Well, friends. I should go. Im getting grumpy due to hunger. Time for breakfast. See ya soon!


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