back to school

Oh my goodness gracious, I’ve been so super sad the past two days. My sister says it’s because I miss her. Could be that but it feels more like unresolved grief issues, to me. You know how it can come in waves, sneak up on you when you least expect it? Feeling sad when nothing should be wrong? I left that ring, that skirt, those sunglasses at her place…. what else?

Some burly maki rolls at Sea Fresh resto. Delish. I always try to get salad in so I can be full of healthy nutrients.

We were in full party mode. Fun fun! Now that I’m dating a musician, I am technically in a band. Jk, not really. I probably couldn’t drum a rhythm to save my life.

Sisters. Even tho we didn’t grow up together (diff moms)… we saw each other every summer and there is a bond that will never go away.

I’m a norcal gal thru and thru but socal is cool to visit.

fun with catwang haha.

Sometimes I feel “bored” with everything and it starts to feel like life is so repetitious. I want to travel. Today I heard on npr that people in cuba aren’t all on the internet like we Americans are. Id like to go where the internet isn’t all anyone ever does. I was early on that bandwagon but now that so many are … I’m ready to abandon ship!


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