auld lang zyne

Well it’s not easy to teach an old dog new tricks but I’m trying to blog from my phone for the first time in a million years

Went to visit my sister and her family for New Years it was really fun a long road trip just a couple days they’re always nice to have more time but you know how life is everything is complicated… Today is the last day of my two week long vacation back to the old grind tomorrow but it’ll be good.

I would have to say it’s been one of my better holiday seasons in quite some time and I’m very happy about that and thankful.

I just finished watching that Kevin Smith movie Tusk it is insane and very well made. A breath of fresh movie air compared to a lot of the fodder tripe bs movie junk that’s out there these days.

So now that its 2015 time to start thinking about new years resolutions mine is to exercise and eat healthier… So original right but it doesn’t hurt to renew these promises to ourselves and hopefully make some progress in these areas we have to continue to do it for the rest of our lives don’t we? Yes.


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