waiting for the other shoe

i am the kind of person who is just naturally bummed out all the time. it’s my ‘go-to’ state of mind. i constantly have to fight against tumbling into a staggering depression. it sucks.
sometimes i just want to go with it but nobody likes a negative creep, do they?

i have to remind myself that i should be happy. things are getting better all the time. sigh. right? i guess i’m always just expecting something to go devastatingly wrong, like it’s just my lot in life. that is probably a self-fulfilling prophecy.

but tomorrow is friday and i’m working a half-day afternoon and then getting ready for an early saturday morning road trip with my most favoritest guy!

yesterday and today at work were just fine. i was relaxed and observant. the best thing is to not let the kids think you are bothered with any of their acting out behaviours. they will try to upset you. it’s just what they do.

anyway, i have found that gratitude is the best medicine. think of the good stuff. focus on what’s positive.

i washed that cardigan and then dried it in the dryer and now it shrunk. dummy. i guess it’s silk. it doesn’t matter that it shrunk but it messed up the shape of it. whatever.

anyway this weekend is gonna be great. interesting and stuff. fun.

anyway, can you tell i just started my period? ugh. it makes me so dark and down and bummed out and everything un-cool and un-fun. totally unfair.


One comment

  1. lotus07

    One way of looking at any situation is to take the pessimistic view of how it may turn out. This isn’t necessarily wrong. It can be a defense mechanism based on past experience. By expecting the worst and then have an outcome that is good, or at least better than you expected, there is a sense of relief and happiness. As humans we are some pretty strange creatures.

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