my thanksgiving week has been grand as grand can be. the guy i’ve been seeing went with me to my mom’s and then we went to his cousins’ and then his sister’s and then we decorated his house for christmas. doesn’t get much better, right? i got what i wanted. yay, me! yay, him! πŸ˜€
now if i could just get him to take out an ad in the new york times about how crazy he is about me. πŸ˜‰ jk jk (not his style)

i’m glad vacation is almost over though. it will be nice to have a large chunk of my day taken up with being less self-centered and doing something productive. this lovely little doll is a tree-topper his grandpa bought for his grandma when he was stationed in japan a billion years ago. so cute! so cool!

do you like my birdy friend? cool.

i mean. yeah. i guess maybe i can be a little demanding.
technically i’ve only been seeing him since june. and actually june is simply when i first laid eyes on him at that journey tribute concert i went to on a whim. for ME it was some kind of love at first sight that i was actually confused! like, why is this happening? what IS this??? haha. i mean, i had just sworn off of dating that morning!


and when he saw me he was like, “uh?” haha.. what’s not to like? hee hee.
no. but i’m not the usual type of girl for him. that’s true.

anyway, i hope we get MARRIED and grow OLD together and talk about our bum knees and bowl movements for the rest of our lives! hahaha. sorry. i do think it would be cool but always have to work on the reality checks. i’m not a kid. i’ve dated a lot and this is the first time i’ve really felt like i would want to keep on keeping on in a LONG time. but i will need to become a better person every day. which really means continue to remember that I MAKE my OWN happiness and a relationship is just an added bonus to that… not the REASON for it.

today, i’m just gonna watch a couple movies, clean my apartment which no matter how much i clean it, never is clean! bah! time to donate everything i own to goodwill and start from scratch.
well, for one thing HE is a neat freak extraordinaire so the fact that he hasn’t run screaming for the hills at the sight of my apartment SHOULD say SOMETHING about his feelings. πŸ™‚ haha

sorry. i know, blah blah blah, right? i have to get it out. nobody wants to listen to me talk about him all the time. ha.

here is a vine i made.




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