it’s beginning to look a lot like…

happy tuesday to you!

i am happier today. mondays kinda suck even when you’re on vacation? the library is always closed on mondays, so i’m glad it’s tuesday now and i am happily typing away on my blog at the library.

that was a gift we picked out for bf’s dad for his birthday. it’s a tradition, as you can see.

so tomorrow bf is coming with me to meet my mom and family. he has never met anyone that i know because i don’t really have any roots here in sacramento. my friends and family are all elsewhere. so he will be able to see me in context. i think it will be helpful.

yesterday i did a load of laundry and the dishes and took out the trash. today will be day two of household chore completion while re-watching the two sucky movies i rented (mainstream fodder) (for educational purposes) (have to stay informed as to what the sheep are doing)….

a friend of mine (actually an ex date person) was saying that thanksgiving is a bunch of bullshit that people are basically forced to buy into … and yeah, that is true but still… It IS what people are all doing …. i mean, you could say the same thing about SUndays, or romantic relationships, for that matter.

it’s all b.s. in the end, right?

i really like how my hair looks when crimped like this, but you have to be careful not to damage your hair with the heat. can’t do it every day, kinda thing. save it for special occasions then baby it for as long as you can get away with not washing it….
my hair is pretty durable, tho.

today i need to change my nail polish. it’s all chippy. i just saw a woman in the library who had hair very similar to mine but she was wearing frumpier clothes than i wear, and i have been known to wear frumpy clothes, apparently (according to some ppl) i hold firm to the idea that i am cool and have a great sense of style, but whatev

anyway, i am determined to be happy and have fun! make it so! today and tomorrow! stay positive.
and since this guy i’ve been seeing (and am crazy about) is honestly not very tech savvy, i will cut him some slack about the facebook relationship status thing. he is old school. he doesn’t even have a smart phone.



  1. lotus07

    (for educational purposes) (have to stay informed as to what the sheep are doing)….Lord this is funny. …. and you do dress cool, Stay the course.

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