omg, blogging is so hard!

why is it that movies suck so much?
good movies are so few and far between, aren’t they?

that’s lovely light in that photo (above) ….
there’s something positive i can say.

here’s a crappy photo of some eggs i made this morning.
threw the tomato on there for photographic interest.
i used some pizza crust to dunk in the egg… then i went to the store and bought some rye bread because i had forgotten how much i love it.

so how important do you think it is to state your relationship status on fb? like, if you have been seeing someone for six months, should they still be on fb as single?
i think not. why? what is the point?

you’re either with that person or you aren’t. if you aren’t willing to say so publicly then there is something wrong.

sorry to appear slouchy. i have scoliosis.

i dunno. i just think that facebook is part of life now and we need to be on the up and up about things.

why not?

went to IKEA and braved the holiday shoppers only to buy these three things. pain in the butt. that place can be nightmarish, it’s so maze-like. if you don’t concentrate you can get lost in there forever.

anyway, this week ought to be the proving grounds on whether my relationship is on the up and up or on the outs.
i’ll keep ya posted.




  1. lotus07

    Well, personally, if I am in the a relationship Facebook is irrelevant. In the overall scheme of things, Facebook is a flash in the pan. It will be replaced by something else, etc., etc, etc. At its purist, FB is for posting updates on things, not for trolling around looking for hookups. But alas, many do. It seems that the world is a lesser place when people, meet, fall in love and break up….all on Facebook for the world to see.

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