Picture 1782
probably nobody ever reads this.
probably i shouldn’t say that.
those tacos were yummy, tho. i had them the other day.

Picture 1784
i’ve just been substitute teaching every week day. busy as can be. that’s for sure.
it’s great. sometimes i complain, but really… it’s great in the grand scheme.

Picture 1781
oh wow, this is cool! pixlr has this #cosmicgeometry thing going on. i always liked geometry.

Picture 1787
so, it’s friday.
friday is as good a day as any to come to terms with life on life terms, isn’t it?
today was a fun day because all i had to do was take roll and show a movie to high school shop class kids. easy. kinda boring, but i’ll take it.
easy money, sorta?

Picture 1776
i’ve been sucked into this vortex lately. it’s called “play”… we need it, we humans. not everything has to be “important” and “practical” all the time. sometimes we just need to zone out and waste some time doing pointless things.

Picture 1783
aw. how cute.

Picture 1788
i think i will do another blog post tomorrow. right now, i’m on my way home from work on a friday and stopped in at the library to use my laptop on their wifi. maybe next month i will get a new chrome book or a wifi hotspot or something so i can be a computer sloth in the privacy of my own home. who knows? TTFN!



  1. lotus07

    You are correct, I never read your blog, (I just look at the pictures….MORE PICTURES! [especially of food])……….and the inside of women’s restrooms…..I know, I am ashamed……

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