i’m rockin, in my school shoes

Picture 1491
omg, sometimes life is SUCH a pain!!!!
come on, admit it!

Picture 1488
blah blah blah, everyone is so deeply fascinated with my life. right? you know you are!

Picture 1481
from all this working i have been doing, i have not yet rec’d a paycheck! it’s been rough! i don’t get paid til the 10th. and only once a month!!!! torture!!!

Picture 1482
i keep taking pics of my hair because i actually really hate it!!!!
i’m having an identity crisis.

Picture 1464
but sometimes life gets so demanding that vanity has to take a back seat, really. you have to do stuff whether you feel attractive or not.

Picture 1477
anyway, yeah, whatever… i’ll figure something out… k? it will eventually work out. my hair, my relationships, whatever. life will be OVER before you know it, actually!!!

until then, we keep on keeping on. i look forward to having a paycheck. we all know they are usually gone before we get them, tho, aren’t they? yep. sigh.

but i’m still having a lot of cool experiences, even tho some of them are stressful.

i’m grateful for many things.


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