no internet. no time.

Picture 1318
my hair is actually shorter than this now.

time to stop with the cutting, methinks.

Picture 1315
i just can’t leave well-enough alone, sometimes, maybe all of the time.

i have NO time to use the computer anymore now that i have no internet in my apartment. that is the only thing i blog about anymore.

it’s good to have a job and be productive, tho. i guess! ha ha.

Picture 1317
the guy i was hoping was the one…. well, i guess he isn’t.
i am beginning to think nobody is going to be the one. whenever i think they are, that only lasts for about three months. all i can say i am contributing to that is being attracted to emotionally unavailable men.


One comment

  1. lotus07

    Wrong, wrong, wrong. YOU are the ONE, let someone else find you. It takes time, be patient. As far as no internet…..that is why there are McDonald’s (just don’t eat the food, it will kill you)

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